The Mans Decree Chapter 2933

“D*mn it. Stop right there!” Barken and the other guardian unleashed their flames to consume the demonic fire that Cloud had thrown out. Kai had provided Cloud with only a single strand of demonic fire, so it wasn’t much use in front of these two.

Truth be told, Kai was well aware that the demonic fire would merely incite their wrath. Their opportunity would only arise once the adversaries were consumed by anger.

Seeing how effortlessly they dispelled Kai’s demonic fire, Cloud promptly made his escape in fear. He knew that his fate would be sealed if they managed to catch up with him. He desperately ran for his life as they were hot on his heels.

Just as their attention remained fixed on Cloud, the ground quaked, and torrents of spiritual energy erupted into the sky, ensnaring both of them.

“D*mn it! We’ve walked right into their trap!” Barken cried out as he urgently struggled to break free from the spiritual energy chains. Right then, four figures had appeared, launching several attacks in their direction.

Faced with this unexpected turn of events, Barken and the other guardian had no alternative but to retreat. They were uncertain about the number and capabilities of their adversaries, and caution was their best course of action.

They had been so focused on Cloud that they didn’t use their spiritual sense to check their surroundings, allowing their enemies to take the opportunity to attack them. Barken and the other guardian quickly retreated. They had been the pursuers but now they were being pursued instead.

The tables had turned. As Barken and the other guardian made their swift escape, they noticed that the four figures who had appeared didn’t pursue them. They had launched two attacks and swiftly retreated in the opposite direction. When Barken and his companion realized what was going on, Kai and the others were long gone.

“F*ck it! They tricked us again,” Barken. exclaimed, gritting his teeth in anger. Being deceived repeatedly was taking a toll on Barken’s patience and composure.

His excessive caution earlier had prevented Barken from discerning that Kai and his group had merely feigned aggression without any genuine intent to attack. Regrettably, he had only come to this realization when it was too late.

As Kai made his escape, he informed the others, “The two Demonic Cultivators we encountered are less formidable than the woman we saw earlier. One is at the beginner phase of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm, and the other is at the peak of Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm. If it weren’t for the fact that we are exhausted and injured, we wouldn’t need to fear them at all.”

In truth, Kai and his group possessed a similar level of strength as compared to Barken and his companion. However, they had to make their escape due to their weakened condition and the injuries they had sustained.

They were also worried that the Demonic Cultivators might have reinforcements. If two more Demonic Cultivators of equivalent strength to Barken and his comrade were to join the fray, escape would become an even more daunting challenge.

When Kai and the others were escaping, the void surrounding them trembled as though. space was collapsing.

A magical item, resembling a towering structure, went after them at breakneck speed. Shortly after, it zoomed past them and crashed onto the ground just ahead.

On top of the tower stood Barken and his companion. “How dare you fools deceive us again and again? Do you have a death wish?”

Kai and the others had no choice but to halt in their tracks in the face of the magical item.

“Enough of this nonsense! Can’t you grasp that we have the numerical advantage here? Both of you are only at Eighth and Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm. The young lady at the peak of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm met her end at our hands earlier. If you cherish your lives, it’s high time you beat a hasty retreat!” Kai warned.

Since they couldn’t escape, he knew they shouldn’t act afraid.


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