The Mans Decree Chapter 2935

Barken’s palm landed on Cloud’s chest, causing the latter to fly backward for a considerable distance. He wasn’t Barken’s match to begin with, and his energy was depleted. Nevertheless, Cloud wasn’t in danger.

Barken was well aware of Cloud’s ability to wield the demonic fire, and he had no intention of killing him. He aimed to capture Cloud and deliver him to Inferno Devil so that they could unravel the mystery of how a human cultivator could possess the demonic fire.

However, Barken remained oblivious to the fact that the demonic fire in Cloud’s possession wasn’t originally his but a mere wisp given to him by Kai.

“I gave you the chance to surrender, but you’ve chosen to resist. You will soon learn the consequences of your defiance.” Barken cast a condescending glance upon the human cultivators.

At that moment, a melodious bell chime resonated, seemingly emanating from the very heart of the tower. Barken knitted his brows. “Is that young man still alive?”

A cultivator at Third Level Body Fusion Realm stood no chance against the tower’s might.

“No way. The tower has the power to slay a cultivator at Seventh Level Body Fusion Realm. He’s only at Third Level. He can’t be alive,” the other guardian responded, baffled by the situation.

Just as confusion clouded their minds, the colossal tower began to shift. It appeared as though an unseen force was gradually lifting it off the ground, causing it to hover in the air. However, Kai wasn’t seen within the tower.

“Hey, where is that brat? Why did the tower rise by itself?” Barken could barely hide his astonishment as he had no idea what had happened.

Soon, Kai rose up from the crater, floating beneath the tower as he glared at Barken. “I can’t believe you tried to use a useless magical item to trap me.”

“You’re still alive?” Barken was dumbfounded. Everyone could barely hide their shock at the realization that Kai was still alive as they could sense the horrifying aura within the tower. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to see Kai lifting the tower.

“How dare you say my magical item is useless? I’ll give you a taste of it today!” Barken shouted. “Crush him!”

Barken continued to release spiritual energy into the tower, attempting to control it and suppress Kai. However, despite his best efforts, the tower remained steadfast and unmoving.

“W-What’s going on?” Barken was utterly confused. He tried releasing spiritual energy into the tower again, but nothing happened.

“Barken, let me help you.”

The other guardian approached him and released spiritual energy into the tower, attempting to join forces to take Kai down.

Kai remained composed beneath the tower. Strangely, as if it were filled with apprehension,. the tower trembled violently instead of attempting to suppress him. Both Demonic Cultivators were completely baffled.

“What is going on?” Barken was at a loss.

“I told you that this magical item is a piece of junk, but you chose not to heed my words.

Since you don’t believe me, allow me to demonstrate the capabilities of a genuine magical item,” Kai said calmly, then snapped his fingers.

The tower shook and expanded in size, its walls developing noticeable cracks.

The tremors intensified, causing more fractures to spread across the tower’s structure. Eventually, the tower fragmented into countless pieces, with debris scattering in all directions.

Amid the wreckage, a bell was seen hovering in mid-air. Kai waved his hand, and the Dragon Bell shrunk in size, landing gently on his palm.

“This is the real magical item. Yours was utterly useless,” Kai said with a disdainful smile.

When he saw that his magical item had been destroyed and that he had been humiliated, Barken flew into a fit of rage and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He demanded incredulously, “What the heck is that?”


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