The Mans Decree Chapter 2937

“Barken!” The other Demonic Cultivator let out a thunderous roar when he saw his companion being struck to death by Kai.

Nonetheless, Sunny and the others swiftly launched a counterattack, not giving the Demonic Cultivator a chance to catch his breath.

Kai stared at the Demon Flogger in his hand, a delighted grin playing on his lips. This is an effective weapon against the Demonic Cultivators indeed.

“All of you step back. I’ll handle him.” Gripping the Demon Flogger tightly, Kai executed a swift, forceful leap, then whipped it toward the Demonic Cultivator.

An aura as fast as lightning emerged and raced toward the Demonic Cultivator. Sunny and the others promptly retreated upon witnessing that.

The Demonic Cultivator fixed a furious glare on Kai, his eyes blazing with anger. In an instant, he released a powerful palm strike, summoning a roaring fire dragon that charged menacingly at Kai.

The moment the Demon Flogger struck the fire dragon, a resounding thunderclap reverberated across the entire snowy plains.

The fiery dragon instantly dissipated, and Kai’s Demon Flogger, charged with demonic fire, materialized in front of the Demonic Cultivator in the blink of an eye.

Thud! A sharp crack echoed as the demonic fire on the Demon Flogger transformed into a sea of fire, engulfing the Demonic Cultivator. A towering blaze soared into the sky.

Confronted with the purest demonic fire from the demon race, the Demonic Cultivator had no chance whatsoever. From the instant he engaged with Sunny and his companions to when he was struck by Kai’s Demon Flogger, the Demonic Cultivator was enveloped in dread throughout the process.

His profound terror hindered him from unleashing his utmost potential. Otherwise, Kai would not have been able to dispatch him effortlessly with a single lash.

Amidst the demonic fire, the Demonic Cultivator shrieked in pain before turning into ashes and vanishing completely.

The rest of the group looked at Kai in silent admiration as he extinguished the life of an Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator with a single lash of his whip.

The Dragon Bell and the Demon Flogger were both powerful divine weapons. Anyone who possessed even one of those treasures would probably be overjoyed.

Kai alone now possessed two, and these might not even be his entire arsenal. The fact that a mere cultivator in the Third Level Body Fusion Realm possessed two divine weapons was truly unbelievable.

What Sunny and the others did not know was that the Dragonslayer Sword in Kai’s hand was also another divine weapon, especially considering the sword spirit, Zelda, residing in it. If Zelda fully recovered, the Dragonslayer Sword’s power could increase many folds!

Furthermore, there was still the Divine Bow. If Kai still had the bow with him, he might even be able to take Lynette on. If Kai were to reveal all of his divine weapons, Sunny and the group would likely be left speechless with envy.

“Let’s move quickly. We need to find a secure. location now to hasten our recovery!” Kai urged the people, who were still reeling from the shock. Sunny and the rest nodded before catching up with Kai.

They had to leave the area as soon as possible. Otherwise, they would be doomed if the other Demonic Cultivators detected their presence. Just when Kai and his companions were about to make an escape, several terrifying auras approached them from behind.

They could not help but knit their brows. “We’re doomed. What the hell is wrong with these Demonic Cultivators?”

Cloud was already severely injured. If they were to fight the Demonic Cultivators again, his demise would be unavoidable.

“D*mn it. Why are there so many Demonic Cultivators in the far north? I thought they’d all been eradicated? They’re all still so formidable! It seems luck is not on our side this time!” Konce could not stop cussing.

What was supposed to be a treasure hunt in the north had turned into a disaster. Not only did they not find the treasure, but they might also. lose their lives in this expedition.

Kai held his breath, gathered his spiritual. sense, and heightened its intensity. Soon, Kai flashed a grin and said, “They’re not Demonic Cultivators. Those guys have come to save us.”

With that, Kai led the others and charged in the direction of the auras. The group heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the figures from a distance.


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