The Mans Decree Chapter 2940

Kai’s consciousness field was huge but Mason’s spiritual sense was oddly strong. There was still a huge gap between their powers.

Soon, Kai couldn’t hold on anymore. Mason’s spiritual sense entered his body and successfully retrieved the secret of Kai’s body from his consciousness field.

Just when Mason’s spiritual sense was about to find out more in Kai’s consciousness field, the Golden Tome suddenly moved. A ray of golden light shone from it. The speed of the light was very fast, and it had a strange aura.

At once, Mason’s spiritual sense was crushed. The restraining aura surrounding Kai immediately disappeared. Mason looked pale and there was even a streak of blood on the corner of his lips.

“Mr. Mason, what is this supposed to mean?” Kai stared at Mason coldly as he was furious that Mason had suddenly made a move against him.

“Mr. Chance, please don’t misunderstand me. I just wanted to have a look at your body. I did not expect a cultivator like you to have obtained the nascence aura when you’re only in Third Level Body Fusion Realm! It’s unbelievable!”

Mason’s face was filled with shock.

“Nascence aura?” Kai frowned. “What is that?” Mason was stunned. He glanced at Kai and asked, “You’re a cultivator. Don’t you know what a nascence aura is?”

Kai shook his head in response. “I only know that breaking through the realm of Tribulator is akin to remodeling one’s entire physical being. One can comprehend nascence and reach a new level of understanding of all things. After breaking through the realm of Tribulator, one can become a half-immortal, and as long as one continues to cultivate, one can eventually become an immortal.

Mason nodded and said, “That is correct. You will be able to comprehend nascence once you break through the realm of Tribulator, and it is also used to confirm the strength of each cultivator after breaking through to this realm. However, it’s not just breaking through the realm of Tribulator that one can comprehend nascence.

Some exceptionally gifted individuals can experience nascence aura even when they’re in the realm of Tribulator, and this is not surprising. But I have never seen anyone with nascence aura in Body Fusion Realm. Yet, you have it! Understanding nascence may be easy, but acquiring nascence aura requires arduous cultivation. And one must create a nascence space within their body, which is akin to a cultivator’s elixir field.”

Mason tried his best to explain to Kai, but the more he explained, the more Kai was confused.

Kai had never felt that he had nascence aura. It was just that a random ray of golden light had shot out from the Golden Tome. However, the aura of that golden light was indeed different.

Seeing that Kai looked confused, Mason knew that he had zero idea what he was talking about. “I’ll bring your primordial spirit to my nascence space to have a look. Don’t try to resist me anymore. The nascence aura in you is too strong. If you attack me, I won’t be able to take it.”

Mason was indeed a little scared that Kai would release his nascence aura again.

However, Mason didn’t know that it wasn’t. Kai’s nascence aura but the aura released by the Golden Tome. Kai couldn’t control it, and it wasn’t something he could use whenever he wanted to.

“Mr. Mason, don’t worry…”

Kai nodded.

Mason then waved his hands.


Kai could feel a slight tremor in his consciousness field before a ray of light shone down on him, enveloping his primordial spirit. In the blink of an eye, Kai appeared in the middle of a palace that was completely made of ice.


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