The Mans Decree Chapter 2941

“Where am I?” Kai was slightly dazed. Soon, Mason’s figure appeared and comforted Kai, “Mr. Chance, don’t be afraid. This is my nascence space.”

The initially dim space began to quiver, and clusters of radiant light slowly rose up. Kai noticed that some rooms inside the palace were filled with multicolored lights, while others were just gray.

“What I’ve comprehended is the ice nascence. Those multicolored lights are nascence aura, while those gray rooms are still lacking nascence aura,” Mason explained to Kai.

“Mr. Mason, have you already broken through the realm of Tribulator and advanced to Ultimate Realm?” Kai asked in astonishment.

Mason shook his head. “I haven’t broken through the realm of Tribulator yet. However, I’ve comprehended ice nascence in advance. Still, after so many years of hard work, I only managed to refine this little amount of nascence aura. I hope when I break through the realm of Tribulator, I can fill up my nascence space. I wish to expand my nascence space, making it as vast as a city. That would be ideal.”

“Mr. Mason, does everyone’s nascence space take the form of a palace?” Kai wondered if a cultivator’s nascence space was like their elixir field, uniform for every individual.

“Of course not. The spaces formed from comprehending nascence vary. Some take the form of an ocean, some ponds, and others might just be small houses. Not every cultivator who grasps nascence space is formidable. It also depends on the size of the nascence space. The larger the nascence space, the greater one’s potential and future achievement,” Mason elaborated.

“In that case, does everyone comprehend a different nascence?” Kai continued asking curiously.

“Yes. There are many types of nascence, such as ice, fire, water, thunder, lightning, and so on. What kind of nascence one can grasp depends on their comprehension ability.”

“Can one person grasp multiple nascences, then?” Kai asked again. “Absolutely. There are those who comprehend two, three, or even five nascences. The more nascences one grasps, the greater their accomplishments. That’s something beyond doubt. However, it’s difficult for some people to comprehend even one nascence, let alone many.”

“Mr. Mason, what about the nascence aura you mentioned? What type of nascence is that?” Kai was intrigued. What is the type of nascence aura emanating from the Golden Tome?

Mason furrowed his brows. “I only know it’s nascence aura, but I’m not sure which one. Don’t you know the nascence aura within your own body?” Mason was perplexed. How could he not know his own nascence aura?

“…” Kai appeared somewhat embarrassed. “I also don’t know where that aura came from just now.”

Mason gazed at Kai with his eyebrows raised. “Your body is indeed peculiar. It’s one thing for you to possess the Power of Dragons as Golden Dragon’s True Form, but you also carry this unique aura within you! You have the auras belonging to the human race, demons, and even the beast race. Now, there’s even a nascence aura in your body. I really don’t know how to describe you.”

Kai couldn’t help but knit his brows. “Mr. Mason, y-you know who I am?”

“It’s no surprise that I can tell who you are, and I believe I’m not the only one. Even that old man from the Archaic Body Cultivation clan must have recognized your identity long ago. Why else would he give you Demon Flogger?

Did you genuinely think that old man was so naive that he would hand over something so important to a stranger? Your identity was known when you got the emerald badge in Jipsdale. Otherwise, would you have been entrusted with the emerald badge, Demon Flogger, or even the secrets of the treasure when you were just a mere Body Fusion Realm cultivator?” Mason said with a faint smile.


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