The Mans Decree Chapter 2942

Kai was completely stunned after listening to Mason’s speech. “Is this all premeditated for the sake of deceiving me?” Kai was baffled.

“We’re not trying to deceive you. We merely wanted to exploit your identity. Since you can refine the demonic fire, that is a fatal threat to the demons. In fact, the far north isn’t as peaceful as it seems. There are many demons roaming about, and there is also the presence of some secret organizations. It’s just that the most widely known factions here are the Tall family and the Archaic Body Cultivation clan.

Now, there are signs that the demons intend to rule over the entire far north. Therefore, we must find a way to curb the expansion of the demons’ influence, and you happen to be the perfect pawn to suppress the demons!” Mason came clean, even telling Kai the truth that he was a mere pawn.

“Mr. Mason, I don’t understand. Your strength far surpasses mine, so why don’t you personally lead a team to eradicate the demons at their stronghold?”

Kai failed to wrap his mind around the situation. Mr. Mason is so powerful, and there are countless experts in the Tall family, so why doesn’t he just lead them to wipe out the demons?

“Do you think eradicating the demons is that simple? These demons hide in the shadows while we operate openly. It’s almost impossible to get rid of them fully. The treasure hunt this time can not only attract many cultivators, but it can also spur those demons into action. After all, these cultivators can be turned into cultivating resources for the demons. I believe Inferno Devil will definitely be restless upon sensing so many human cultivators in the far north.”

It sounded to Kai as if Mason had already discussed the plan with the Archaic Body cultivators. Most of the cultivators that come to the far north are just baits to lure out the demons. Although this method adopted by Mason and the Archaic Body cultivators is somewhat cruel, those cultivators have no choice but to take the risk if they want to acquire resources in Ethereal Realm!

“What is the relationship between the countess of Jipsdale and the Archaic Body cultivators? Who is she?” Kai asked Mason.

When Kai asked Roman about that previously, the latter had refused to tell him. He directed the same question at Mason, figuring he should probably know as well.

“I think it’s best if you ask the countess of Jipsdale in person regarding this matter.” Mason flashed a faint smile, then waved his hand, bringing Kai out of the nascence space. The conversation with Mason deepened Kai’s understanding of the far north.

After leaving, Kai was lost in deep thought. It seems imperative for me to enhance my capabilities as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’ll face a tough time ahead when dealing with stronger opponents in the future! Fortunately, Mason isn’t evil. If he truly intended to target us, we wouldn’t stand a chance against him, considering the great disparity in our cultivation levels.

By the time he got back to his residence, the sky had turned dark. Feenix was already waiting for Kai impatiently on the bed. Upon seeing his return, she said, “Master, I know you’ve been exhausted. Let me serve you and help you recover.”

Feenix planned to cultivate with Kai via copulation to aid Kai’s swift recuperation. Leering at her fair figure, he abruptly lunged at her.

Amidst their intimacy, Kai realized there was another person there. Aislin was also present, but he didn’t notice her earlier.

Without a second thought, he engaged in coitus with both girls, slowly regaining his strength. That night, Kai felt thoroughly rejuvenated. Feenix, too, seemed invigorated and was in high spirits.

Aislin, on the other hand, struggled to keep up as that was her first time. The next morning, Feenix chirped, “Master, you should have been more considerate of Aislin. Look at her. She can’t even get up now.”

“Feenix, quit spouting nonsense. Who said I can’t get up?” Aislin, enduring the pain, managed to rise from the bed.


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