The Mans Decree Chapter 2944

The Demon Seal Alliance was an organization whose members were scattered across various corners of the Ethereal Realm. They were easily recognizable by their black robes adorned with dark gold insignias.

This alliance was founded by individuals dedicated to hunting and eliminating demons. As their ranks grew, they became a formidable force.

With the growing strength of the Demon Seal Alliance, many cultivators chose to avoid encountering them. Labeling someone as a Demonic Cultivator was often enough to lead to their capture.

Beau was also wary of the Demon Seal Alliance. He couldn’t help but feel reluctant to hand over the key he had obtained through great effort. Seeing Beau hesitate, Typhon furrowed his brows slightly and asked, “What’s the matter? You don’t want to hand it over?”


Beau struggled with the decision. Faced with the members of the Demon Seal Alliance, he knew he was utterly outmatched. If they decided to take it by force, he would have no means to resist. Just as Beau was about to reluctantly produce the key, a frosty voice rang out.

“You people from Demon Seal Alliance really have some nerve, huh? Are you trying to snatch the key by force in broad daylight?”

A young man strolled forward, followed by a group of elderly men. This young man was none other than Kaison, the second son of the Tall family.

Mason had sent him and Jerison for two reasons: to keep an eye on the Demonic Cultivators’ movements and to search for the location of the treasure.

When Typhon spotted Kaison, he furrowed his brows and sneered, “Who are you? How dare you speak against the Demon Seal Alliance? Are you seeking death?”

“Even if I am, what can you do to me?” Kaison snorted, then turned to Beau. “Hello, I’m Kaison, the second son of the Tall family. I don’t want your key. I only hope you’ll consider working with the Tall family. Let’s look for this treasure together, shall we? You see, here in the far north, the Tall family’s power reigns supreme. It’s wise to partner with us!”

Upon learning that this young man was a representative of the Tall family, the crowd erupted into a flurry of chatter.

Beau, on the other hand, couldn’t have been more delighted. He hastily nodded. After all, the Tall family did hold significant influence in the far north, and they were surprisingly open to collaboration with him.

Compared to the Demon Seal Alliance’s attempt to seize the key, working with the Tall family seemed far more sensible for him.

“D*mn it! You dare defy the Demon Seal Alliance? Are you courting death? What’s the Tall family got that’s so special? Once you step outside the far north, you’re just a bunch of nobodies…”

Typhon seethed with anger.

“How dare you insult the Tall family!” Kaison, a brash and spirited young man, wasn’t about to let anyone insult the Tall family. He threw a punch.


Typhon snorted and retaliated with a powerful punch.


Kaison’s strength fell short. He staggered back, only stopping when supported by the elders he’d brought along. Thanks to them, he managed to avoid falling to the ground.

“Hah, is that all you’ve got? How dare you act so arrogant? Back off right now, or you’ll suffer!” Typhon warned Kaison menacingly.

“Mr. Morar, beat them up. They come to the far north and act all cocky. Haven’t they heard of our strength here?” Kaison waved his hand, sending Morar, the second elder of the family whom he had brought into action.

Indeed, Kaison was no match for Typhon. Morar nodded and leaped into the air. In an instant, he was hovering in the air, and then he delivered a mighty blow downward.

This blow carried endless frost energy, instantly freezing the air around and creating a flurry of falling snowflakes. Seeing this, Typhon swiftly made his move. He conjured a sword in the air, and in a flash, a light shot upward. The light pierced through the falling snowflakes, instantly dispelling the frost energy.

“Swordnado of the Five Slayers, Typhon Yellow, really lives up to his name…” Morar muttered as he descended, his eyes fixed on Typhon.

“Now that you know who I am, you’d better scram, and do it fast…” Typhon sneered.


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