The Mans Decree Chapter 2945

“I’ve heard of you before, but I’ve never witnessed a display of your power. I want to see if you truly live up to your name,” said Morar coldly.

“Very well. Since you wish to know if I deserve the title of Swordnado, allow me to demonstrate my power!” Typhon swung his blade, creating a sword flower. Soon after that, the void surrounding him began to tremble.

Although he had only waved his weapon, that action instantly caused tens of thousands of blades to appear in the void. Those blades then shot toward Morar.

“Hmph! If this is the best you can do, then you don’t deserve the title of Swordnado,” Morar sneered before he formed a white shield around himself with frost energy.

At the same time, he swung his fist, causing the void to explode. That single, terrifying action was enough to turn all the blades into nothingness. Upon seeing that, Morar smirked.

However, just as he was feeling smug, he felt as though the frost energy around him was being pierced by something. The shield unexpectedly disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Do you really think I got the name of Swordnado for nothing?” Disdain was scribbled all over Typhon’s face. The smirk on Morar’s face was swiftly replaced by a scowl.

Typhon’s swordsmanship was unusual. Some of the blades had come pretty close to touching Morar, but he didn’t notice it, and his shield had been shattered by the blades.

“You’re pretty good, but don’t think I’m afraid of you!” Morar shouted, then lunged at Typhon while gathering a massive amount of frost energy in his palm. The storm of spiritual energy mixed with frost energy caused the surrounding space to be frozen.

When the people around saw that, they hastily retreated so as not to be turned into an ice block. An ice wall began to form in the middle of the air, and it was rapidly heading toward Typhon to encircle him. Typhon waved his sword to generate waves of heat.

Seeing that Morar was taking the fight seriously, Typhon shouted, “I have no intention of fighting the Tall family to the death, so I hope you’ll stop. If both of us got hurt, we’d be making it easier for others to snatch the treasure.”

Typhon was afraid that his conflict with the Tall family would lead to both sides suffering from severe injuries. That would inadvertently allow others to obtain the treasure more easily.

“This is the far north, the Tall family’s territory! And you want us to stop?” Morar didn’t stop at all. He threw punches at Typhon, his frost energy freezing many things instantly.

“Don’t just stand there and watch! Fight!” Typhon genuinely didn’t want to keep fighting Morar. After all, they weren’t there to eliminate the Tall family but to get the treasure.

Typhon’s companions made their move, immediately cornering Morar. Seeing that, Kaison led the other members of the Tall family into the battle.

The others who weren’t involved sprinted far away from the battleground, afraid that it would affect their lives. Suddenly, chaos descended upon the location as different energies clashed against each other.

However, aside from Morar, none of the other members of the Tall family were a match for Typhon and his companions. After a few minutes of exchanging blows, the Tall family was starting to lose.

Morar was the only one supporting the Tall family. If he fell, then there was a good chance that the Demon Seal Alliance would kill them.

“Just you all wait. I won’t allow anyone to bully us in the far north!” Realizing his side stood no chance against his adversary, Kaison led his family members and escaped.

“Tsk! A bunch of cowards…” Typhon spat before turning to the crowd. “Who else is unhappy with us?”

Everyone lowered their heads and dared not say a word.


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