The Mans Decree Chapter 2946

Typhon stretched out his arm. Beau immediately understood his intention and handed the emerald badge over. That was the only way Beau could guarantee his safety. If Typhon’s team attacked, Beau would be dead.

Seeing how obedient Beau was, Typhon didn’t trouble him. He simply pressed the emerald badge into the empty spot on the gate.

The emerald badge fit perfectly into the hole. Soon, the ground trembled, and the gate leading to the treasure began to glow in gold. Everyone retreated far away from the entrance. They didn’t know if there were any traps behind this gate.

The ground shook, and the gate slowly opened. Following that, a wave of heat gushed out from within where the treasure was hidden.

Any cultivators who wished to stay at a place as freezing as the far north had to use spiritual energy to shield themselves from the weather. An ordinary person would die quickly from the cold if they went there. Feeling the warmth, everyone was shocked. They felt relaxed.

“What’s in this treasure trove? There’s even heat coming out from it.” Typhon stared at the entrance from afar instead of rushing in.

“Who cares? Let’s just check it out first. How dangerous can the treasure of Archaic Body cultivators be?” Woodley walked straight in.

The other four of the Five Slayers promptly joined him. When the other cultivators saw that, they also went in. Surprisingly, the Five Slayers didn’t stop them.

After a moment of hesitation, Beau gritted his teeth and walked into the treasure land. Right after he did so, over a dozen people with concealed aura appeared at the door.

They studied the entrance before entering the place as well. Meanwhile, Kaison had returned to the Tall residence in a huff. Mason asked, “Why are you so angry? What happened?”

“We’ve discovered the location of the treasure, Mason!” “I see.” Mason nodded and did not look quite excited. “If you found it, why did you come back?”

“The people from the Demon Seal Alliance demanded the key to the treasure, so we fought with them. However, they were too strong, and we lost. Where’s Mr. Ambrose, Mason? I need to bring more men over so I can destroy those b*stards from the Demon Seal Alliance! This is our turf! I won’t allow them to flaunt their might here!” Kaison said through gritted teeth, desperate to restore his dignity.

Mason stared at Kaison coldly before furrowing his eyebrows. “Can you be a little smarter? Will it kill you to stop murdering people and playing with women all day? In any case, I want you to stay at home for now. Once Mr. Chance recovers, lead him to the treasure.”

“Mr. Chance? What Mr. Chance?” Kaison was flabbergasted because he had never seen his brother refer to another individual with such respect before.

“The two women you captured are Mr. Chance’s friends. If Quinn hadn’t stopped you in time, you would’ve brought a lot of trouble to our family. Once Mr. Chance awakes from his cultivation, I want you to apologize to him earnestly. Even though you two are peers, he’s so much better than you. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Mason reprimanded.

Kaison wasn’t happy with that arrangement, but he dared not show it on his face. “Understood…”

“Go on now and cultivate. Look at yourself. Your cultivation pace is no faster than a snail’s. So many resources have been wasted on you.” Mason waved his hand.

Kaison didn’t say anything and left looking displeased.


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