The Mans Decree Chapter 2947

Kai, who was cultivating in the courtyard of the Tall residence, exhaled and slowly opened his eyes. “Now that I’ve finished absorbing the ice soul fragment, the heavenly thunder fruit is next.”

The speed at which he absorbed the ice soul fragment was faster than anyone else, yet he still thought it was too slow. At that moment, he felt weak and was desperate to increase his power as quickly as possible.

However, each minor cultivation level he achieved required thousands of times more resources than others. and that greatly troubled him.

Even though his body was incredibly tough and the object of envy to many, the resources he required to grow stronger were some of his biggest obstacles. If he relied only on absorbing the spiritual energy in the environment, it might take him forever to reach another minor cultivation level.

Upon scanning his environment, he noticed Feenix and Aislin were still in the midst of cultivation. A single heavenly thunder fruit was enough for them to cultivate for around ten days.

However, the number of levels they could achieve with the help of the heavenly thunder fruit would depend on their talents.

Feenix would likely break through many levels. After all, she was a celestial beast from Ethereal Realm. She was only weakened because she was thrown into the mundane world. If she wished to strengthen herself, she could do so quickly.

“I wonder if this heavenly thunder fruit can help me reach Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm.” Kai felt uneasy.

If he could become a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, he wouldn’t need to escape from Lynette should they meet again. In fact, he would be able to face Lynette and fight her head-on.

With that thought in mind, he pulled out the heavenly thunder fruit. He could have absorbed all three of the heavenly thunder fruits. However, he would be depriving Feenix and Aislin of their opportunity to grow stronger.

Ethereal Realm was a place littered with danger. If Feenix and Aislin failed to increase their power, their lives would be threatened.

Even a random, insignificant cultivator could easily defeat them. Kai couldn’t protect them at all times. To decrease the likelihood of them getting hurt, he had allowed the two of them to absorb the heavenly thunder fruits to enhance their strength.

He stared at the heavenly thunder fruit in his palm. Arcs of electricity could be seen jumping on it, and he could feel the power of lightning swirling within it.

A moment later, Kai took a bite of the fruit. If anyone witnessed that scene, they would be startled because that was practically an act of suicide.

Heavenly thunder fruit was a type of resource that needed to be absorbed slowly. If anyone else attempted Kai’s method, they would likely die because their bodies couldn’t handle a sudden influx of power.

Feenix and Aislin had been absorbing power from the heavenly thunder fruits for a long time. Yet, the heavenly thunder fruits had only just shrunk a little.

Kai didn’t want to waste any more time. He was confident his cultivation and body could handle the raw power of the heavenly thunder fruit. That was why he consumed it as such.

Thunderhawk would probably be furious if he saw Kai eating the heavenly thunder fruit as though it were an ordinary apple.

After Kai finished the entire heavenly thunder fruit, he felt his head explode. Arcs of electricity began to dance on his body. He stared at his hands and saw the power of lightning being continuously emitted from his palms.

Lightning could be seen crackling above the courtyard Kai was staying in. That unusual phenomenon attracted the attention of many members of the Tall family.

“What’s going on? Why are we seeing the power of lightning here?”

“Yeah! I haven’t seen this in many years!”

“I’ve only ever witnessed snowy weather. I don’t think I’ve seen this before, but it’s pretty.” The members of the Tall family began discussing the strange phenomenon in the sky.

Even Mason had also exited his room to check out the lightning. “Did he swallow the entire heavenly thunder fruit?”


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