The Mans Decree Chapter 2951

Boom! Finally, the eleventh lightning tribulation struck Kai. He gritted his teeth and used every ounce of strength left in his body to resist it.

He felt as though tens of thousands of lightning bolts were piercing through his body, and gradually, his body became invisible.

Mason was sent flying by the force of the lightning tribulation. The fact that even someone as powerful as Mason was knocked away by the shockwave spoke volumes of the power of the eleventh lightning tribulation. When Kai opened his eyes and scanned his surroundings, he noticed his environment was covered in gray.

“Did I die?” Kai forcefully slapped his body but didn’t feel anything. “Oh my god! I died! I think what I am now is just a soul remnant of my former self.” His heart sank. “How can I die like this? It’s not fair. I still don’t know who my father is. I haven’t found Josephine and there are many women waiting for me! I can’t die like this! I can’t!”

No matter how hard he tried to scream, he couldn’t produce any sound. All he could do was shout in his mind. After a long time, Kai surrendered.

He slowly lay down, floating within the gray space. Meanwhile, Mason was astonished by the sight in the air. The lightning tribulation clouds had vanished, and so did Kai.

“What’s going on?” That sudden turn of events caused Mason to furrow his brows. Is he dead or is he teleported away? Where is he?

Boom! Suddenly, Kai, who was lying in the gray and cloudy space, heard a long bang. Following that, the space around him began to tremble.

The Golden Tome was hovering before him. Upon seeing that, Kai became excited and shouted, “Am I not dead? Am I still alive?”

If he was only a soul remnant, then he shouldn’t possess spiritual sense. Since the Golden Tome was kept inside his consciousness field and had shown up in front of him at that moment, it proved that he was still alive.

Colorful beams of light shone out from the Golden Tome and shone on Kai’s body. The beams of light then spread outward from below Kai’s feet, erasing the gray space that they touched.

The Golden Tome gradually vanished while the colorful beams of light continued to stretch into the horizon.

“W-What’s going on?” Even Kai was puzzled by what was happening. At that moment, Mason suddenly spotted Kai again. Kai was glowing in bright colors. Mason leaped up to Kai and shouted, “Mr. Chance, can you hear me? Mr. Chance!”

Kai didn’t respond. His eyes were wide open but lifeless. Mason furrowed his brows and studied Kai’s body. At that moment, he understood something and released his spiritual sense into Kai.

Kai was still perplexed by what was going on when he saw Mason appearing before him. “Mr. Mason? What’s going on here?”

Kai was confused and did not understand what was happening.

In fact, Mason was similarly flabbergasted by that series of occurrences. After Kai vanished into thin air, his body reappeared and was enveloped in bright, colorful beams of light.

Mason had never seen anything like that in the past. He did not know what was going on either. He especially didn’t know where Kai had gone when he suddenly disappeared.

“Mr. Chance, I have no idea what’s going on either. Why did your consciousness field become like this? What happened?” Mason was utterly puzzled by the changes that took place in Kai’s consciousness field.


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