The Mans Decree Chapter 2952

As the colorful beams of light continued to spread outward, an illusory world was born within Kai’s body. Abruptly, Mason exclaimed, “I know what’s going on now! This isn’t your consciousness field. This is your nascence space!”

“Nascence space? Have I really attained the power to create nascence space?” Kai was still baffled because he didn’t think he had comprehended the power of nascence space. Was it because of the last lightning tribulation and the Golden Tome?

“This is most definitely a nascence space. Congratulations, Mr. Chance. Once your nascence space is formed, you’ll be able to comprehend and obtain nascence. To think a Body Fusion Realm cultivator is capable of creating a nascence space… This is a miracle!” Joy and envy were written all over Mason’s countenance.

“What’s my nascence space going to look like? Will it also be a palace?” At that moment, Kai was equally delighted and curious about his new ability.

“Probably not. Based on the structure of your nascence space, I think it’ll be larger than a palace. It’s likely going to be an ocean or a giant mountain. Something like that,” Mason. said.

“Is it better to have bigger nascence space?” Kai asked.

“Of course. The larger the nascence space, the greater your potential for growth in the future. However, the size of the nascence space would also correlate with the difficulty of obtaining nascence. The bigger it is, the harder it’ll be. Also, because of how tough your physical body is, it’s very difficult for you to ascend to greater heights. You’ll need much more resources to accomplish it. However, it also means the benefit you receive will be much greater. It’s all relative.”

At that moment, the bright beams of light vanished. Taking their places were stars. However, those stars were gray and not twinkling.

Mason and Kai looked at the stars in their surroundings, feeling as though they were standing at the end of the galactic universe.

“W-What is this? Where’s my nascence space?” Kai looked around and saw nothing. There was no palace or ocean or gigantic mountain.

Mason was equally confounded by the absence of what became the nascence space.

“This is pretty strange. What’s going on? Did the creation of the nascence space fail?” Mason flew around in the space, hoping to find something, but he didn’t spot anything notable at all. Kai examined the stars around him. Each of the gray stars seemed to be waiting to be lit by him.

“Mr. Mason, do you think perhaps my nascence space is this galaxy? I feel like each of these dark stars is nascence waiting for me to light them up, Kai said in a small voice. The reason he sounded uncertain when he said that was because he wasn’t sure if his guess was correct.

“That doesn’t seem possible! I’ve never heard of a nascence space as big as a galaxy! If this is truly your nascence space, then your strength is immeasurable!” Mason replied.

“But there’s nothing other than this galaxy here. How can I ascertain if I’ve succeeded or not?” Kai asked.

“That’s easy. Once you grasp one type of nascence and obtain that nascence aura, you can use that aura to find your nascence space. What nascence can you comprehend right now? Such a feat isn’t something that can be forced. It’s honestly down to luck. And different people’s bodies are suitable for different types of nascence.”

“Let me try. Perhaps I can comprehend it right now.” Kai closed his eyes and felt the power of lightning coursing through his body.

He had consumed a heavenly thunder fruit and survived eleven lightning tribulations. It was most appropriate for him to comprehend lightning nascence now.


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