The Mans Decree Chapter 2953

Suddenly, Kai felt his body shaking, and his body was surrounded by crackling electricity. A formidable suction force emerged, drawing them both upward without affording them the opportunity to regain control.

Upon their arrival at a distant star, the relentless force ceased its suction, and the electricity enveloping Kai discharged, striking the star itself.

With the aid of the lightning surging through Kai’s body, the once-gray star began to radiate with a brilliant luminance.

In the end, it shone brightly, outshining the other dull stars in the vicinity. Mason was completely dumbfounded by the sight that greeted him.

“What? The nascent space turns out to encompass an entire galaxy? This is utterly absurd,” he muttered, his head buzzing with disbelief. The notion that one’s nascent space could be as vast as a galaxy was entirely unfamiliar to him.

The enormity of Kai’s nascent space implied that Kai had endless possibilities. Anything could happen to him. Kai’s nascence space wouldn’t have any restrictions, allowing him to gain insights and absorb the nascence aura incessantly.

Certain cultivators possessed the ability to forge nascent spaces, but due to the confined dimensions, there existed a restriction on the insights they could acquire and the nascent aura they could assimilate. Consequently, they needed to elevate their own capacities to expand the boundaries of their nascent spaces.

However, Kai would never encounter that problem. The insight he gained this time could last for a lifetime. There was no nascence space bigger than an entire galaxy.

Mason gazed at the monotonous stars scattered throughout the galaxy, pondering how much time and energy it would require for Kai to light up all of them.

If Kai was able to fill the entire nascence space with nascence aura, that would make him a formidable being.

“Mr. Mason?” Kai whispered when he noticed Mason’s perplexed expression. Mason promptly regained his composure.

“It’s truly astonishing! The eleventh lightning tribulation must have been the catalyst for creating your very own nascence space. Without it, your physical form wouldn’t have endured the lightning’s wrath. It’s as if destiny itself has smiled upon you. You don’t even have to cultivate anymore. Your body is the dream of many cultivators. Oh, such is fate,” he said enviously.

Becoming a Tribulator cultivator allowed him to absorb nascence aura, which gave him a deep understanding of nascence space and made him a talented individual. Despite his abilities, he paled in comparison to Kai’s brilliance.

“I believe I have gained a better understanding of the lightning nascence aura, Mr. Mason,” Kai said. He spread his palms, revealing a crackle of electricity. The star that held the lightning nascence began to flash.

“Mr. Chance, comprehending nascence isn’t a walk in the park, let alone harnessing and perfecting its elusive aura. You’d be wise not to squander this rare essence, as your reservoir is rather limited. Save it for a more meaningful showcase,” advised Mason.

For Kai, grasping the nascence space’s intricacies and claiming the nascence aura came naturally, leaving him somewhat unaware of its true value. Obtaining this ethereal essence didn’t pose much of a challenge for him, exemplifying the old adage that says those who have plenty often struggle to empathize with those in need.

Kai retracted the nascence aura on his hand and asked, “Is there an alternative method to acquire the nascence aura, one that doesn’t involve a gradual understanding of it?”

Kai couldn’t help but sense that the gradual path to comprehension would demand a considerable amount of time. If only he could acquire the nascence aura with the same ease as absorbing spiritual energy through consuming spiritual fruits and beast cores, that would undoubtedly simplify matters immensely.


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