The Mans Decree Chapter 2955

“Kaison, aren’t you going to greet Mr. Chance?” Mason said. Kaison quickly rose to his feet and approached Kai, his countenance now radiating admiration and profound respect. He didn’t seem arrogant anymore.

Observing this transformation in his brother, Mason discerned that Kaison held a deep reverence for Kai’s remarkable feat of enduring eleven lightning tribulations.

“Mr. Chance, this is my incompetent brother,” Mason introduced. Knowing that Kaison was the one who abducted the girls, Kai cast him a frigid, piercing gaze.

Sensing the icy glare, Kaison shuddered and promptly slapped himself twice. “Mr. Chance, I was a fool to harm your friends. Please forgive me!”

Kaison’s swift admission of his wrongdoing brought satisfaction to Mason. After all, he was well aware of Kaison’s typically arrogant demeanor. Seeing that, Kai said in a deliberate, measured tone, “Since it is in the past, let it remain there.”

“Kaison, tell Mr. Chance how you stumbled upon a treasure just a few days ago,” Mason said.

Kaison nodded and began recounting the tale of how he had discovered the entrance to the treasure and engaged in a fierce struggle to obtain the key from the Demon Seal Alliance. “Demon Seal Alliance?” Kai was taken aback as he had never heard about this alliance.

Upon noticing Kai’s reaction, Mason swiftly provided an explanation. “The Demon Seal Alliance is composed of numerous cultivators, united by their mission to capture Demonic Cultivators and confiscate their resources and wealth as a means of sustenance. This alliance operates across the Ethereal Realm, and many cultivators have opted to align themselves with it.

However, there is an air of uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of their claims about capturing Demonic Cultivators. Those who bear grievances against the Demon Seal Alliance are often branded as Demonic Cultivators, which results in the confiscation of their resources and wealth before they are sealed away.”

After listening to Mason’s explanation, Kai gained a clearer understanding of the nature of the Demon Seal Alliance. It appeared to be an entity fraught with questionable practices.

“Where is the entrance leading to the treasure? Let’s head there now,” Kai asked Kaison. “Mr. Chance, it’s been several days, so I believe those individuals have already entered the site,” Kaison said.

Kai pulled out the key to the treasure and said, “The real key is in my possession. They won’t be able to unlock the entrance to the treasure. If that treasure proves to be authentic, they’ll never gain access to its location!”

Kaison grew excited upon hearing that. “This is great! Let me lead the way there, Mr. Chance.”

Kai nodded and proceeded to summon Cloud, Sunny, and the others to accompany him on this expedition. Kaison also enlisted the presence of several elders from the Tall family to join them on this journey.

Despite Kai’s notable progress, he remained at the Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm, necessitating the inclusion of additional individuals to bolster their forces. Furthermore, as Kaison had asserted, the Five Slayers were exceptionally formidable adversaries.

While Kai possessed Demon Flogger, its effectiveness was limited to use against Demonic Cultivators. Instead of employing it against ordinary cultivators, he preferred relying on his Dragonslayer Sword for such encounters.

On their journey toward the treasure trove, Kai continued to delve deeper into his understanding of the lightning nascence. It marked his first encounter with the concept, making it all the more intriguing.

Along the way, Kai would frequently draw out the nascence aura and marvel at the crackling electricity dancing on his palm. He found it rather exciting.

He also contemplated the possibility of integrating the lightning nascence aura into his Thunder Palm technique to enhance its offensive capabilities.

However, he was keenly aware that the nascence aura he had grasped was quite limited. With each experiment, he risked depleting this precious resource.

As Kai and his companions proceeded toward the location of the treasure, another group was also en route to the same destination.


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