The Mans Decree Chapter 2957

“You see, there are only three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks here. If Thunderhawk is here, there will be a large group of them. How can there be only three?”

Kai knew that from the time he had spent at Hawk King Cave. Those Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks usually covered the sky in flocks and were rarely seen alone. “Yeah, these Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks like to act in groups. How come there are only three this time?”

Lofton was puzzled as well. Soon, as they got closer, everyone finally saw the ice bear running on the ground. It turned out that these three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks were hunting the ice bear.

Kaison wondered, “This ice bear is at least at Sixth Level Body Fusion Realm. From what I can tell, those three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks you mentioned are at most at Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm! Why is this ice bear so scared that it’s running away? It’s really embarrassing for a creature from the far north…”

Kaison didn’t recognize the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, but he knew that despite the ice bear being clearly stronger, it was fleeing in a fluster. Upon hearing Kaison’s doubt, Cloud and the others chuckled.

Kai explained, “Don’t be deceived by the ice bear’s high cultivation level. In a real fight, it doesn’t have an advantage. Besides, these Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks have the high ground. I guess the ice bear is not capable of fighting them back. Just wait and see…”

Just as Kai finished speaking, the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks caught up with the ice bear.

Rumble! Immediately, one of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks spewed lightning from its mouth and struck at the ice bear.

Fortunately, the ice bear was able to avoid being hit by the lightning because it quickly halted.However, after the ice bear stopped, the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks launched their attacks.

As bolts of lightning continuously struck the ice bear at top speed, the ice bear swung its claws vigorously to counter the lightning bolts while roaring in anger. The ice bear used its tough claws to crush the lightning bolts directly.

Upon seeing that, the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks immediately spewed out bolts of lightning. When those lightning bolts connected together, they formed a large net of lightning. Then, the lightning net descended and enveloped the ice bear.

In that instant the ice bear was covered by the lightning net, it had no way of counterattacking. As arcs of electricity struck its body, it fell to the ground instantly.

Kaison, who witnessed the scene, was momentarily stunned. Now he understood why the ice bear had to flee for its life despite its high cultivation level.

“Mr. Chance, the lightning from these Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks seems similar to the lightning energy you possess…” Kaison said.

After all, Kai had comprehended the lightning nascence aura through the heavenly thunder fruit. Naturally, his power resembled the power of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

“The lightning energy in my body is indeed similar to that of these Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks,” Kai said.

“If you consume the beast core of these Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, won’t the lightning energy in your body become even stronger?” Kaison quickly reminded.

“You’re right!” Kai nodded. In fact, when Kai saw the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, he had already thought of that.

By consuming the beast core of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, he could once again comprehend the lightning nascence aura, which would in turn increase the lightning nascence aura in his nascence space.

The reason Kai had not acted immediately was that he was looking out for Thunderhawk. If Thunderhawk had indeed arrived with the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, he would have prioritized escaping rather than bothering himself with the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

However, it appeared that Thunderhawk was absent. Otherwise, Kai would have sensed the Tribulator aura long ago.

After knocking down the ice bear, the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks began to screech as they swooped down straight for the ice bear.

At that moment, Kai took action. He swiftly grabbed the ice bear and tossed it effortlessly in Kaison’s and the others’ direction.

The beast core of the ice bear was also a valuable resource. Kai couldn’t let the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks devour it because that would be a waste.

When the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks saw Kai snatch their ice bear, they immediately emitted screeching cries and spewed bolts of lightning from their mouths at Kai.


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