The Mans Decree Chapter 2958

Kai remained completely composed when facing the bolts of lightning. When he extended his hands, the lightning bolts swiftly converged in his hands as if they were drawn to him.

Following that, the accumulated lightning bolts transformed into a thunderous spear, which crackled with arcs of electricity all along its length! Then, Kai hurled the spear at the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

Crackle! As the spear approached the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, it instantly exploded, turning into thousands of arcs of electricity that spread out in all directions.

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, already imbued with lightning energy, should not have been afraid of these arcs of electricity. However, when the arcs exploded, the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks shrieked and hastily retreated.

Fear filled the eyes of the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. They looked genuinely afraid of the lightning power that Kai had unleashed.

The three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks flapped their wings and cast terrified glances at Kai before suddenly turning and trying to escape because they knew they were no match for Kai at all..

“Trying to run?” A faint smile curved Kai’s lips. If he allowed the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks to escape, it would be a disgrace. A faint electric arc appeared on Kai’s right palm. As it gradually expanded, it emitted crackling sounds.

When Kai thrust his palm forward, several bursts of lightning bolts struck the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks before they could react, catching them completely off guard.

Before the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks could even shriek, they were already struck down by the lightning energy. “This lightning nascence aura is indeed remarkable…”

Kai had a pleasantly surprised expression on his face. After all, it was his first time using his nascence aura.

Everyone was utterly shocked when they saw Kai effortlessly slay the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks with a simple wave of his hand, not to mention that the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks were still in flight.

Kai walked over to the corpses of the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks and had Cloud retrieve the beast cores from them.

The beast cores from the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks were of great help to Kai because they could assist him to further comprehend the lightning nascence aura.

“Kai, your control over lightning is incredible…” Sunny exclaimed in astonishment. He had no idea that Kai already possessed nascence space and had comprehended the lightning nascence aura. Kai was quite satisfied with himself as well.

It seemed that his comprehension of the lightning nascence aura had reached a certain level. When he observed the lightning energy emanating from those Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, his nascence space reacted in a peculiar way.

With the help of the lightning nascence aura, Kai could actually control lightning. If someone tried to use ordinary lightning against him, they would not only fail but might also be manipulated by him.

“I wonder if I can control the lightning energy of Thunderhawk if I encounter it,” Kai said with a sense of anticipation. He wanted to see if he could control the lightning energy emitted by Thunderhawk.

At this moment, Kaison approached Kai and said with a face full of admiration, “Mr. Chance, you are truly remarkable…”

“I just got lucky. If those three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks had flown separately, I wouldn’t have been able to kill them in one strike,” Kai replied modestly.

If the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks had flown in three different directions, Kai wouldn’t have been able to slay all three with a single wave of his hand..

After all, the amount of lightning nascence aura he could control was still limited. He couldn’t execute simultaneous attacks in multiple directions yet.

While they were busy gathering the corpses of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, a group of people slowly approached them from not far away.

“Dad, the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks are gone. Why can’t we see them anymore?” Chev looked up and scanned the area but couldn’t spot any sign of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

“Maybe they escaped?” an elder from the Nesser family speculated.

“Impossible. Once those Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks are tamed and acknowledge a master, they won’t run away.”

Cameron shook his head as he looked up at the sky. He then made a few strange sounds, but the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks still did not return.


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