The Mans Decree Chapter 2960

“Everyone, I’m Kaison Tall from the Tall family. 1 don’t care who you all are, but if you dare lay a finger on me here, I guarantee you won’t be able to leave the far north,” Kaison said to Cameron while taking two steps forward.

“The Tall family?” Cameron furrowed his brows. I’ve heard of the Tall family! The Tall family was, after all, considered the largest and most influential clan in the far north.

“Mr. Tall, even if you’re from the Tall family, you all have killed our Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. Surely, we can’t just let this matter slide?” Cameron added.

“The Tall family will agree to whatever compensation you demand,” replied Kaison. Everyone could tell Cameron was at the peak of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm, and no one among Kai’s party was his opponent.

Cameron’s cultivation level was the highest among all present.

“The reimbursement I require is simple. This brat, Kai, has three heavenly thunder fruits. As long as he hands over the fruits, I’ll leave right away, and we’ll overlook the killing of these three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks!” Cameron said while pointing at Kai.

Seeing that Kai, a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, had the lowest cultivation level among the group, Cameron mistakenly thought Kai was just an insignificant follower.

Unbeknownst to Cameron, Kai was actually their leader, and all of them had to take orders from him. Upon hearing that, Kaison turned to look at Kai, not daring to make decisions for him.

Kai stared at Cameron. He knew Cameron must’ve consumed the heavenly thunder fruit. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to advance from the Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm to the peak of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm within such a short period.

“You want my heavenly thunder fruits?” Kai flashed a faint smile.

“That’s right!” Cameron nodded. “Unfortunately, I ate the heavenly thunder fruits. Even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t give them to you. What will you do about it?” Kai sneered.

“F*ck! Are you tired of living?” Chev, seeing Kai’s audacity to speak to his father in such at disrespectful manner, instantly flew into a rage.

Cameron narrowed his eyes at Kai, then turned to speak to Kai’s comrades. “Fellow cultivators, I have some personal grudges with this brat, so I hope you won’t intervene. As long as you leave now, I promise I won’t harm you.”

Cameron intended to convince others to abandon Kai as it wasn’t his wish to offend both Stellaris Sect and the Tall family.

Moreover, Kai’s party consisted of a few Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators. If both sides truly engaged in a fight, even if the Nesser family could win, it would be a Pyrrhic victory. Cameron only wanted to deal with Kai and acquire his heavenly thunder fruits.

In his opinion, those people would never go against the Nesser family for the sake of a trifling cultivator like Kai.

Unexpectedly, right after Cameron finished his sentence, Sunny roared, “Quit spouting nonsense! Personal grudge, my foot! You’re just a bunch of robbers! We won’t leave. We’ll fight alongside Kai!”

“Mr. Chance is the Tall family’s guest. No matter what grudges you have, we will always stand by him,” Mason added.

Cameron was stunned upon witnessing the surprising turn of events. He couldn’t fathom why those people regarded a minor Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator with such reverence.

“You’re just a cultivator at the peak of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm now, and your subordinates are mostly Seventh or Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators. Are you confident you could secure a win if we were to fight? I can’t believe you’re even thinking of taking away my heavenly thunder fruits. What a joke. Not only have I killed your Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, but I’m also going to teach you a lesson. Otherwise, you’ll continue to live with the false impression that I’m a pushover!” Kai said coldly to Cameron.

Just as Kai finished his sentence, everyone in the Tall family, Sunny, Cloud, and the others, immediately got into their fighting stance, looking as if they were ready for a fierce battle.

All of a sudden, Kai had the upper hand over Cameron.


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