The Mans Decree Chapter 2961

“You think of yourself too highly, lad! How dare you speak to my father like this? Are you trying to taunt me into killing you? In case you’re unaware, my father is a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator! Dispatching you will be child’s play for him. So what if you’re all Seventh or Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators? My father can handle all of you single-handedly!” Chev shouted at Kai.

“Die, you fool.” With a scoff, Kai swung his hand in Chev’s direction. As he gestured, crackling sounds filled the air. In the next moment, arcs of electric struck Chev.

“How dare you lay a finger on my boy!” Cameron furrowed his brows and swiftly pulled Chev behind him, shielding his son. In the next instant, he thrust his palm forward, aiming to slam it against Kai’s.

At the end of the day, Kai was just a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. On the other hand, Cameron was a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator at his peak. They were vastly disparate in terms of power.

Kai swiftly retaliated with a palm strike of his own, driven by the fear that he might meet his demise if he did not act swiftly enough.

Bam! came the muffled thud as their palms collided. As the attack had been on impulse, Cameron had not unleashed his full strength, and Kai’s counter had been equally measured. After the collision, Kai stumbled and took a step back.

Though Cameron remained still in his spot, his palm felt numb, as though a bolt of lightning had struck it. Surprise and confusion filled Cameron’s eyes when he noticed that Kai had just taken a small step back.

He could not comprehend how a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator like Kai had been able to block his blow.

Even though he had not utilized all of his strength, a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm: cultivator like Kai should have been sent flying backward. Though Kai might not have died from the attack, he would still be left grievously wounded. Yet, Kai seemed unharmed.

“You f*cking-

Rage manifested on Chev’s face, and just as he was about to start insulting Kai, Cameron stopped him.

Kai smirked at Cameron. “Are you still so sure about your victory now?”

Cameron was silent, his eyes fixed on Kai intently. Then, he swept his gaze across Kaison, Sunny, and the rest.

Evidently, these individuals had resolved to align their destinies with Kai’s. If a battle were to unfold, they had no intention of escaping. Thus, Cameron could not be certain that the Nesser family would emerge as the victor here.

Even if they did win, they would have to pay a tremendous price for their victory. Cameron knew that Kai did not come with the intention to fight.

“Let’s leave.”

After a moment of hesitation, Cameron waved and made to leave with the Nesser family’s men.

“Dad, we-

“Shut it.”

Before Chev could finish his sentence, Cameron. shot him a glare.

Shortly after, Cameron led the Nesser family’s men away. He had decided to forgo any further confrontation with Kai over the deaths of his three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks and had no. intention of pursuing the three heavenly thunder fruits that Kai possessed.

At the sight of Cameron’s group’s departure, Kai’s group continued their way. Nevertheless, the treasure’s key was with Kai, so Kai was not in a rush to reach his destination. Without the key, it would be a challenge for those people to get to the treasure.

During their journey, Kai ingested the beast cores of the three Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks and harnessed their power to enhance his understanding of the lightning nascence aura. Gradually, the lightning nascence constellation within Kai’s nascence space became more radiant.

Kai’s grasp of the lightning nascence aura was already profound, enabling him to swiftly advance his enlightenment of it.

I also have demonic fire. I wonder if that’ll enlighten me on fire nascence. If it works, I’ll be able to absorb fire nascence aura. That’ll be wonderful, Kai mused.

After all, the greater the number of nascence auras he attained enlightenment in, the more advantageous it would be for him.

Still, Kai had no idea whether or not he could achieve that. He still had little knowledge about nascence auras.


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