The Mans Decree Chapter 2964

“How can anyone be living here?” Kai appeared visibly perplexed, but he proceeded to approach the thatched cottage. However, his pace was deliberate, and he scrutinized the cottage with his spiritual sense.

Though there was smoke coming out from the chimney, Kai sensed no aura within the cottage. When Kai arrived at the cottage, he cautiously pushed the door open, only to discover that it was unoccupied. Several dishes were laid out on the weathered wooden table, still radiating warmth.

The stove had a roaring fire within it, and steam billowed from a pot placed atop it. The scene reminded him of his childhood. He had an earthen stove like this back in his family home.

Nonetheless, in the modern age, no one constructed thatched cottages anymore. If that held true for the mundane world, why would anyone choose to reside in such a dwelling here in the Ethereal Realm?

“This smells so good.” When Kai approached the table and saw the dishes, he found himself growing hungry. Hunger was a sensation foreign to a cultivator at his level. Even the act of eating was only for the sake of savoring food.

Yet, Kai was feeling hungry for the scrumptious food before him. He lifted his hand, about to take a bite of the food, but then he stopped himself.

Then, Kai surveyed the house and spotted numerous books on a bookshelf in the corner. When he walked over, he was stunned. As it turned out, these books were all records of various techniques.

Moreover, on the bottom-most level of the bookshelf, magical items were meticulously arranged. How could a simple thatched cottage have so many magical items and technique books in it?

Kai was astounded. His first response was to take the books and the magical items to store them in his Storage Ring, but he stopped himself again.

“Is anyone around? Anyone?” Kai yelled, walking out of the cottage to look around. “Who is it? How could you have barged in here and entered my house without my permission?”

Right then, a voice rang out. In the next moment, Kai saw a hunched elderly man appear out of nowhere. Kai had thoroughly scanned his surroundings. and detected no signs of life. He had even confirmed this with his spiritual sense. However, the elderly man had materialized. before Kai unexpectedly.

“Sir, my name is Kai Chance. I have no knowledge of how I arrived at this location. If I have inconvenienced you in any way, I apologize, Kai courteously conveyed to the elderly man.

“If you’ve entered my house, did you steal my food?” the elderly man solemnly questioned. “Sir, I haven’t touched your food at all. Feel free to check for yourself,” Kai responded promptly.

“Then did you take my books and magical. items?” the elderly men went on. “No, of course not,” Kai answered. The elderly man fell silent and went into the cottage. Kai followed him.

The elderly man proceeded to glance at the food on the table before at his bookshelf. It was then he smiled.

“Sit. It looks like destiny has made the right choice,” the elderly man uttered. Kai blinked rapidly, confounded. He had no idea what the elderly man was talking about, but he obediently sat down.

“These dishes were made by me. Why don’t you try them out?” the elderly man proceeded to say after Kai took a seat. Not wanting to reject the other man, Kai picked up a fork and tasted the dishes.

“They taste wonderful. You’re a marvelous cook, sir, Kai praised. A small smile crept onto the elderly man’s lips. “If you like it, do help yourself to more. These will be good for you.”

Kai did not know what he meant. At his level of cultivation, he would not get hungry even if he did not eat, so why did he have to consume these dishes?

Nonetheless, Kai could not bear to reject the elderly man’s kindness. The food was good, after all.


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