The Mans Decree Chapter 2968

“This vortex can’t be higher than ten feet. Let’s jump and fly over it,” Kaison suggested before leaping into the air with all his might.

“Don’t be rash…” Kai uttered, but alas, his warning was too late. Kaison was already in mid-air and flying over the vortex when he felt a powerful suction force. Before he could react, however, he was pulled into the swirling hole and vanished without a trace.

“Mr. Kaison!” Upon seeing the situation, those from the Tall family began to panic and scream. “Oh, sh*t! What on earth is this vortex, and why is it eating people?” Cloud exclaimed as a chill ran down his spine. “I can’t believe it can suck someone in from such a great height.”

The others, too, were just as baffled. No one had expected the vortex to be that powerful. Kai walked toward the vortex and slowly moved closer after careful observation.

“Mr. Chance!” Cloud shouted. “Don’t worry. It’s fine. This vortex is merely a small Teleportation Array. It won’t harm us…” Kai said before stepping right into it.

A white light instantly flashed across the man’s eyes, and the next thing he knew, he was inside a massive palace.

Why does this palace feel so familiar… Oh! I saw it before in the illusionary realm, except this one is way bigger and grander! Kaison spotted Kai and wasted no time running toward him. “Mr. Chance!”

He had been so confused when he first got sucked into the vortex, but now that Kai was around, he felt more at ease. Soon, Cloud and the others were also teleported into the palace.

The group promptly pushed the door and entered the hall, only to spot a sea of cultivators sitting cross-legged on the floor as though they were waiting for something. Once Kai and the rest were inside, dozens of gazes landed on them.

“Those are from the Demon Seal Alliance…” Kaison muttered. He had noticed five people quietly meditating in front and instantly recognized them as the Demon Seal Alliance members. Just then, someone called out to Kai, “Here! Come here!”

Kai turned to the voice and realized that the person was someone he had saved before- Beau Yule. Having met a familiar face, Kai walked toward Beau, eager to ask him what on earth was happening.

If these people have come for the treasure, why are they sitting and meditating now? Why would anyone want to cultivate in a place like this?

“What a coincidence! Fate has brought us together again, huh?” Beau said smilingly. “It sure has. By the way, what are you guys doing here? Aren’t you looking for the treasure?” Kai asked.

“Sit down first and tell your companions to do the same. Don’t wander around,” Beau whispered. “If you’re still not seated after three minutes, you’ll be punished and lose the right to find the treasure.”

Kai was even more perplexed. “What do you mean by that?”

Is someone controlling the treasure hunt? Is that it? Just as Kai was still trying to make sense of the situation, an old man’s voice suddenly rang out. “Newcomers, please take your seats immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be booted out and lose your eligibility to obtain the treasure…”

Kai froze in his tracks. Wait a minute… That voice is very familiar! Whether it was in the thatched hut or illusionary realm, the elderly man I met sounded just like that! Argh… Is this old guy the elder of Archaic Body cultivators or not?

Even though he didn’t know the elderly man’s true identity or what was happening, Kai decided to abide by the rules. “Hurry up and take your seats. Stop moving around…”

Kaison, Cloud, and the others listened to Kai and hastily did as instructed.


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