The Mans Decree Chapter 2970

“Please forgive my son for his rude and ignorant behavior, Sir!” Cameron quickly apologized to the elderly man.

I may be a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator at my peak, but I don’t know if I can take this elderly man on if he decides to attack Chev! He may be a soul remnant, but he is the elder of Archaic Body cultivators! I cannot afford to underestimate his power!

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill your son. In fact, I won’t kill any of the one hundred cultivators selected here because it’s part of the rules, and I can’t be breaking my own rules now. I don’t know how many of you will survive this, however. That is entirely on you. The treasure hunt will begin once you walk past this door of light. What you will find is also up to your fate. Best of luck, all of you,” the elderly man said and his body began to fade away.

It wasn’t until he had completely disappeared that the cultivators snapped out of their dazed state and ran toward the door of light.

Since the door of light was the entrance to the treasures, it made sense that those who got in first would have a higher chance of finding them. However, a powerful wave of energy emerged the moment the cultivators reached the door of light.

Before anyone even realized what was going on, the energy wave had killed those cultivators.

Typhon stood in front of the door of light and shouted coldly, “What do you take us folks from the Demon Seal Alliance for, huh? Don’t even think about getting in there before us!”

The men who came with him gathered around the door of light to block it off from the others. Their powerful aura was so overwhelming that it caused all the other cultivators to back away.

Just like that, the Five Slayers from the Demon Seal Alliance had successfully asserted their dominance over everyone.

The cultivators glared at them in response, but no one dared say a word. At that moment, the cultivators had been divided into several factions.

Cameron stood with the members of the Nesser family while Kai and the members of the Tall family grouped up with Sunny and the others. The wandering cultivators, too, gathered together to form their own faction.

All one hundred cultivators were split into four factions. Although there were only five of them from the Demon Seal Alliance, they were still the most powerful cultivators at the scene. With five Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators in a team, they could easily crush any of those factions.

“Is Demon Seal Alliance really that powerful? Why should you guys get to go in first?” Chev spoke. There’s a lot of us here from the Nesser family.

so we’re no pushover either! “I will forgive you for being young and ignorant, young man. Go ahead and ask your father if the Nesser family would dare make an enemy of the Demon Seal Alliance, Typhon replied.

Cameron kept quiet as he knew the Nesser family was no match for the Demon Seal Alliance, especially since the latter’s forces were all over the Ethereal Realm.

“Oh, pfft! There’s no way you guys are that powerful! Besides, we’re in the far north, which is the Tall family’s territory right now! None of you shall leave this place alive if I so much as give the word!” Kaison shouted.

He was still upset about being chased away a few days ago, so he had brought his strongest fighters along this time. With Kai and the others on his side, he wasn’t afraid of the Five Slayers.

Of course, none of the wandering cultivators dared say a word as they were content with entering the treasure trove and obtaining some of its treasures.

Typhon had disdain written all over his face as he said, “Did we not hurt you enough the last time, kid? Do you want another beating?”

Kaison turned to Kai angrily and waited for him to say something and back him up. However, Kai simply stared at the dead cultivator, who was lying on the ground, with a solemn look on his face.

“Mr. Chance!”

It wasn’t until Kaison called out to him that Kai snapped out of his dazed state and asked with a frown, “Did any of you guys notice something strange about the dead cultivator?”


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