The Mans Decree Chapter 2971

“What’s so strange about that?” Sunny asked while stepping forward.

“The cultivator’s corpse was emitting a faint, white light shortly after his death. Then, as though the white light was absorbed by something, it vanished after floating into the air,” Kai replied.

“Could that be the cultivator’s spirit, Mr. Chance?” Cloud asked. Killing a Body Fusion Realm cultivator’s physical body would cause the spirit to leave it slowly.

The only way to truly kill such a cultivator would be to destroy the body and the soul at the same time. Kai shook his head. “That’s not a spirit. We’ll be able to tell if it is.”

“In that case, I have no idea what it is. I didn’t see anything.”

“Me neither! There was no white light!”

“Could you be mistaken?”

Since it would be impossible for all the cultivators present at the scene to not notice the corpse undergoing such changes, they assumed Kai was just seeing things.

A deep frown creased Kai’s brow when he heard what they said. He knew he wasn’t mistaken, and yet no one else seemed to have noticed it.

In the end, Kai had no choice but to go with the flow and said, “Maybe I really was mistaken.”

“These guys from the Demon Seal Alliance have gone way too far, Mr. Chance! How about we teach them a lesson?” Kaison suggested.

“We’re here to hunt for treasures, not start fights,” Kai said with a faint smile. “But we can’t go in there with them blocking our path!”

“If they won’t let us in, then we’ll let them go in first. There may be traps in there, so it’s not necessarily a good thing to go first. Who knows? They might just save us the trouble of dealing with those traps.”

Kai didn’t mind what the Demon Seal Alliance was doing in the slightest. He knew that the Archaic Body cultivators’ techniques and magical items were already in his Storage Ring.

All he wanted was to get the Ice Soul Pill so he could answer to the countess of Jipsdale, He wasn’t the least bit interested in the other treasures. Seeing that no one else dared defy them, the Five Slayers went through the door of light.

Chaos erupted in the hall as soon as they entered. Right as the cultivators were running toward the door of light, someone knocked them all back with a few waves of aura.

“Get out of my way, all of you!” Cameron shouted as he and Chev slowly made their way toward the door of light.

“You nobodies can’t go in there until we, the Nesser family, do so!” Chev said arrogantly.

“Oh, please! None of you said a word when the guys from the Demon Seal Alliance asserted their dominance earlier!”

“Exactly! Where was that arrogance of yours when the elderly man killed three of your family members?”

“Don’t think you can bully us just because you’ve got the superiority in numbers! We’ll kill you all if you push us too far!”

The wandering cultivators began yelling at Chev in anger and frustration. Chev’s face turned red. He was about to yell at the wandering cultivators, but Cameron grabbed him and dragged him through the door of light.

The Nesser family is no match for the Demon Seal Alliance, so the wandering cultivators might not fear us as much. If we push them to the point of desperation, they might just attack us! It’s hard to say which side will win if a fight really does break out! We’re here for the treasures, not to start fights!

After the members of the Nesser family entered the treasure trove, Kaison had wanted his men to secure the door of light so they could go in first, but Kai stopped him.

“Are we really going in last, Mr. Chance?” Kaison asked in confusion. I can understand if Kai is afraid of the Demon Seal Alliance and the Nesser family, but there’s no reason for us to fear these wandering cultivators! Why should we let them go in first?

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing to go in last,” Kai replied with a faint smile.

Kaison didn’t dare say anything further and could only watch as the wandering cultivators rushed into the treasure trove.


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