The Mans Decree Chapter 2972

Kai waited until everyone else had entered before leading his men through the door of light.

Upon stepping through the door, they arrived at an empty wasteland.

The ground was barren with no plants in sight, and the sky was illuminated with colorful spiritual lights. The space around them looked distorted, which filled their hearts with discomfort.

As though there had been a huge battle, the earth beneath their feet was scorched, and the land seemed to be boundless.

“What is this place? Is this an illusionary realm?” Cloud exclaimed in shock. They couldn’t tell if they were in an illusionary. realm or not.

Kai saw that the cultivators were just as shocked and confused by the surroundings.. Everyone inched forward cautiously as they had no idea what dangers awaited them in that creepy place.

“How can there possibly be treasure in a place like this? There’s no way that magical item is here! Do you think we’ve been deceived? Maybe this place is a fake treasure trove,” Kaison said.

“Whether this place is real or not, we need to stick together and refrain from doing anything rash! That’s the only way we can ensure our safety!” Kai reminded them as he feared they would split up to search for the treasure, which could put the entire group in danger.

As Kai and the others slowly moved forward, they heard a fight going on in the distance. Kai quickly led them toward the direction of the sounds and saw lots of cultivators fighting each other as though they had gone berserk.

“Ice soul fragment! Ice soul fragment!” Kaison exclaimed in shock all of a sudden. Upon taking a closer look, they saw lots of ice soul fragments scattered on the ground where the cultivators were fighting.

Although the ice soul fragments were tiny, they were still counted as high-quality resources. That explained why the cultivators were fighting so hard. Given how precious ice soul fragments were, it made sense that everyone would want as many of them as possible.

Kaison let out a battle cry as he led his men into the chaos and started snatching the ice. soul fragments as well. Cloud, Sunny, and the others joined in as well. Kai had wanted to stop them at first, but he knew they wouldn’t listen to him when faced with such precious resources.

He noticed that the men from the Demon Seal Alliance had taken over an area. They had one man on the lookout while the others were busy gathering ice soul fragments.

The Nesser family, too, had secured a spot for themselves and were gathering ice soul fragments as well. Both sides had completely ignored the wandering cultivators, who were fighting with all their might.

Instead of focusing on the ice soul fragments, Kai was staring at the corpses of the dead cultivators.

Their corpses were all emitting a white light that floated upward into the air before disappearing completely. Noticing that one of the cultivators had just breathed his last, Kai immediately jumped on his corpse.

As the dead cultivator’s corpse emitted a white light, Kai reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders. He channeled his Focus Technique. and absorbed the white light into his body.

Suddenly, Kai’s eyes went wide with shock. and disbelief. “What? How is this possible?”

Apparently, the white light was not the cultivator’s spirit, but their cultivation. While Kai’s Focus Technique was able to consume a person’s cultivation, it would require the person to be alive.

Most cultivators in the Ethereal Realm had high cultivation levels. Consuming their cultivation was incredibly difficult and troublesome for Kai. As such, Kai had not practiced his cultivation using that technique, let alone use it in public.

These cultivators are dead, so why is their cultivation still present? Once a person dies, their cultivation is gone along with their life! There’s no way it’ll remain in their body! Not only did these cultivators retain their cultivation after death, but their cultivation turned into a white light that disappeared shortly after leaving their corpses…


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