The Mans Decree Chapter 2975

Those wandering cultivators were like helpless lambs preparing for slaughter. Yet, Typhon showed no sign of relenting. He had no pity for those wandering cultivators. He continued his cruel experiments on the wandering cultivators, as there were still many of them around.

After making four consecutive incorrect moves, four wandering cultivators were mercilessly crushed into a pulp. As they gazed at the final vortex, everyone suddenly looked nervous.

The next moment, several figures soared into the air from among the wandering cultivators, heading straight for the last vortex. Seeing that, Cameron quickly gave his signal, and several subordinates from the Nesser family hastily followed suit.

Those individuals moved with incredible speed, afraid of falling behind. They believed that since the previous four vortices had proven perilous, the last one must surely be safe, Kaison immediately gestured for his family’s subordinates to take action, but Kai halted them in their tracks.

“Don’t move. Let’s see what will happen,” Kai said to Kaison. Kaison had no choice but to comply with Kai’s order.

As several wandering cultivators and a few other cultivators from the Nesser family entered the final vortex, there was no sign of spatial distortion, and none of them were torn into pieces. This brought relief to the crowd.

“Mr. Nesser, it appears this vortex is safe,” one of the Nesser family cultivators reported to Cameron. Cameron was delighted and was about to lead his group toward the final vortex when he suddenly noticed that a black mist had begun to spread within the vortex.

The cultivators who had entered were gradually shrouded in the black mist, and in a matter of moments, every single one of them was left with only eerie white bones.

“W-What just happened? Does that mean none of the vortices is safe?” Cameron was dumbfounded. The other cultivators also fell into chaos. Even a few from the Demon Seal Alliance were overwhelmed with fear.

“This is terrible. Are we all going to meet our end here? Why are none of these five vortices safe? What kind of lousy treasure is it? Are we stuck in this forsaken place for good?” The turn of events caused Kaison’s spirits to plummet.

Everyone was left bewildered, and they could do nothing but wait in silence. Those five vortices continued to shrink, and once they vanished, all of them would be permanently trapped within this space. “Mr. Chance, do something!” Cloud turned to Kai.

“Yeah, Kai, you’re the smart and resourceful one here. Hurry and think of something. We can’t be trapped here forever!” Sunny also started panicking.

Kai silently stared at the five vortices. Then, he picked up a damaged weapon and began drawing certain symbols on the scorched ground.

While everyone was on edge, Kai continued to sketch symbols that were incredibly challenging to understand.

“What is he doing? We’re in this dire situation, and he still has time to scribble?” Chev expressed his disdain as he watched Kai drawing on the ground.

“He’s not scribbling,” Cameron said with a serious look while looking at Kai. “He’s working on an arcane array”

Typhon and the others also paid close attention to Kai. They were interested in the complicated symbols he drew on the ground. When Kai finished drawing, he was already sweating profusely.

“Who among you has a bronze mirror?” Kai asked. The crowd exchanged puzzled glances upon hearing Kai’s words, but none of them responded because they were unsure of Kai’s intentions.

Kaison, Cloud, and the others did not have bronze mirrors with them. After all, they were all men, so it was not customary for them to carry bronze mirrors.

“I have one.” A cultivator took out a bronze mirror right then. Kai received the bronze mirror and placed it in the middle of the arcane array.

He then infused his spiritual energy into the arcane array, causing the formation to emit rays of golden light.

The dazzling rays of light danced within the formation before ultimately converging on the copper mirror placed at its center.


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