The Mans Decree Chapter 2981

When the wandering cultivators realized that Sunny, Lofton, and the others standing beside Kai were all incredibly capable cultivators at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm, they nodded and agreed to follow Kai.

With the wandering cultivators joining them, Kai no longer feared the Nesser family, so he led the group into the territories marked by the Nessers.

Several Nesser family cultivators, surrounding the territory, stiffened upon seeing Kai and his entourage approaching with an intimidating aura.

“What do you lot plan to do?” a cultivator from the Nesser family questioned loudly.

“We plan to do whatever we want to do. Does this place belong to the Nesser family?” said Sunny boldly as he stepped forward.

“The Nesser family has taken over the entire- Before the cultivator could finish, Sunny slapped him across the face. The slap was so forceful that it sent the Nesser family cultivator flying instantly.

Upon witnessing the scene, the wandering cultivators felt so good that they clapped and cheered to express their satisfaction.

The few Nesser family cultivators dared not speak, knowing they were outnumbered and no match for Kai and his men.

They knew they had to wait for Cameron, and soon enough, he arrived with his men.

Cameron immediately discerned the situation upon seeing Kai and the group of wandering cultivators exuding an overpowering aura.

The wandering cultivators who had been asked to leave earlier started raising a ruckus when they saw Cameron. “Does this place belong to the Nesser family?

Why are you chasing us away?”

“Is this your demon beast? Why can’t we hunt here?” “You guys are such bullies! We insist on hunting for demon beasts here. What can you do about it?”

The wandering cultivators bellowed indignantly. Cameron’s expression darkened. If not for Kai leading Sunny and the rest here, those wandering cultivators wouldn’t have dared speak to him so rudely.

“What is this all about? Are you standing up for these wandering cultivators?” Cameron looked at Kai.

“That’s right. I’m standing up for them. Do you own this place? Why can’t we hunt for demon beasts here? Don’t talk to me about superiority. If a fight breaks out between us, we’re not afraid of the Nesser family. You can give it a try if you don’t believe me,” Kai said disdainfully.

Without a doubt, the Nessers were no match for Kai in a battle.

Cameron was the only one at the peak of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm, whereas the other cultivators from the Nesser family were merely at Sixth or Seventh Levels.

Moreover, they were disadvantageously outnumbered.

Cameron cast a glance at Kai before shifting his gaze to Sunny and the other three at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm. He was comparing both parties’ combat power. Moments later, Cameron asked Kai, “What exactly do you want?”

“Get lost with your men, and we will kill all the demon beasts here!”

Cameron frowned at his request, his eyes ablaze with anger. “Don’t be so full of yourself, kid. If we engage in a full-blown battle, how many of you do you think will make it out alive? If you provoke me, I won’t hesitate to fight you until the very end, and none of you should entertain thoughts of leaving here unscathed.”

Cameron had never endured such humiliation before. While the Nesser family might not be as renowned as some other sects, they were not to be trifled with or underestimated.

“Sure, if you want to fight to the bitter end. Let’s do this,” Kai said as he instantly assumed his fighting stance. He did that because he knew very well that Cameron would not take the risk.

As the head of the Nesser family, Cameron would not engage in a losing battle with the group of wandering cultivators.

Seeing that Kai showed no fear, Cameron froze, uncertain about how to proceed.

“Shall I give you a hand, Mr. Nesser?” A voice rang out in Cameron’s ear when he was at a loss for what to do.


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