The Mans Decree Chapter 2983

“Kid, you may not be strong, but your mouth sure runs wild. You dare to look down on me, a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. Today, I’ll show you that I can crush you with just one hand…”

Typhon leaped high into the air and chased after Kai. Kai quickly concealed his aura and fled far away, feigning an escape. In mid-air, Typhon extended his spiritual sense, only to find that Kai’s aura had disappeared.

“Where is he? This kid’s skill in concealing his aura is quite impressive!” Typhon furrowed his brows slightly. He hadn’t expected Kai to completely hide his aura, making it impossible for him to sense him.

However, Typhon wasn’t afraid. He casually pulled out what looked like a gold coin with a small hole in the center. While uttering an incantation, Typhon made the coin rise into the air, then it rapidly spun around in mid-air.

“You can hide your aura, but you can’t conceal the heat of that Flamestone.” With a flick of his finger, he struck the coin with a wisp of flame. The coin instantly ignited and started heading in a certain direction.

Typhon followed closely behind, tracking Kai. using the heat source from the Flamestone. Kai was taken aback. He immediately took out the Flamestone from his Storage Ring.

He stared at the Flamestone in his hand, then closed his eyes and entered his nascence space. Many stars twinkled, but only one shone brightly. Kai glanced at the constellation of the fire nascence, then swiftly absorbed the energy from the Flamestone.

He hoped that while absorbing the Flamestone’s energy, he could comprehend the fire nascence. Unfortunately, the stars in the fire nascence constellation showed no response whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Typhon was getting closer and closer. Kai had no choice but to put away the Flamestone. He no longer concealed his aura and descended rapidly toward the ground.

Typhon was in hot pursuit, and there was no way he would let Kai go. Kai fled at high speed, leading Typhon along. On the ground, everyone watched intently as the two chased each other in circles.

Soon, Typhon’s face contorted. As a cultivator at the peak of Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm, he couldn’t catch up with Kai, a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. This was quite embarrassing.

“Kid, you don’t have any skills, but you sure are fast. Let’s see where else you can run!” Typhon roared angrily and then suddenly grasped the sand from the ground below.

Countless glittering metallic particles within the sand floated up, then collectively transformed into a sharp sword. Holding the sword in his hand, Typhon thrust it toward Kai.

Kai swiftly dodged the attack, and with a counterattack, he struck the sword with his aura. The sword instantly dissipated, turning back into the scattered metallic specks that drifted downward. By then, Typhon was already right in front of him. He grabbed the specks, reforming them into a sword once more.

He attacked three times in succession, but Kai managed to evade each strike. This left Typhon a little dumbfounded. A Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator had managed to dodge his attacks three times. Is this some kind of joke?

Typhon began to reevaluate Kai’s true strength. Kai’s ability to conceal his aura is formidable. Perhaps he deliberately hid his true strength, which made him appear to be only a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator.

Maybe Kai’s true strength is even greater. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such speed and reflexes.

Kai, too, was impressed by Typhon’s strength. Even though the environment here disadvantaged Typhon, he still displayed considerable power.

Now, neither side was underestimating the other.


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