The Mans Decree Chapter 2984

“Kid, are you hiding your strength and planning to catch me by surprise? Let me tell you, it’s impossible!” Typhon roared angrily and once again launched an attack at Kai.

Kai could only continue evading, knowing that if he were to fight Typhon head-on, he might encounter unknown dangers. He could end up exhausted, defenseless, and at Typhon’s mercy.

Seeing Kai’s speed and feeling as if he was being toyed with from behind, Typhon suddenly pulled out a golden net from his pocket and hurled it at Kai.

Startled, Kai swiftly descended, attempting to avoid the net. However, the net seemed to have a life of its own as it followed behind him closely.

“Kid, you’re the first to force me to use this golden net but don’t think you can escape. Even if you tear through the void, you won’t get away…” Typhon sneered. Suddenly, the net expanded, seemingly covering the entire sky.

It descended upon Kai, ensnaring him completely. The net continued to change until Kai was thoroughly trapped.

Seeing this, Kai quickly retrieved a charm and chanted incantations under his breath. At once, his entire being sank into the ground. Since the net could trap him in mid-air, once he entered the soil and sand, the net wouldn’t be able to deal with him.

Sure enough, as Kai’s body swiftly descended into the sandy ground, he was able to pull himself out of the net. Typhon was left momentarily dumbfounded.. “Don’t think that hiding underground will save you. You can’t stay down there forever…”

Typhon knew that no matter how powerful Kai was, he couldn’t stay underground for very long. In the depths of the earth, Kai surrounded himself with a substantial amount of spiritual energy to prevent the surrounding sand from restricting his movement and allow him some room to maneuver.

However, he also understood that he couldn’t stay underground indefinitely. Concealing himself like this consumed too much spiritual energy. If he continued, he’d become weak even before Typhon made a move.

Kai glanced at his Storage Ring and then took out a fire lizard’s beast core and the Flamestone. After that, he quickly ingested them both.

He didn’t have time to slowly absorb them now. As soon as he swallowed them, he felt a searing sensation spreading within his body.

The demonic fire within Kai’s body began to surge. Kai hastily closed his eyes, sensing the fiery power coursing through him as he entered his nascence space. Before long, a terrifying force surged within his body.

Intense waves of scorching energy pulsed uncontrollably. Kai watched as the fire nascence constellation that was once dim began to flicker. He was filled with ecstatic joy. However, he remained still as if his entire being was ablaze.

Boom! Suddenly, an incredibly powerful aura exploded. It carried intense heat like a scorching tidal wave that swept across the entire starry space.

That fire nascence constellation sparkled brilliantly at this moment, casting a radiant glow across Kai’s nascence space.

“Haha, I did it. I did it! Fire nascence! I’ve grasped fire nascence…”

Kai’s eyes were fixed on the shimmering constellation as his heart pounded with exhilaration. He had mastered two varieties of nascence power, and within his nascence space, there was still a multitude of dim constellations.

Kai couldn’t fathom how many nascence powers he might ultimately grasp, but as a recent attainer of Body Fusion Realm, he had already possessed the nascence space and understood two types of nascence power.

Should Mason learn of this, he’d surely be green with envy. Presently, the demonic fire within Kai had vanished, melding itself into nascence and finding its place among the nascence constellation.


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