The Mans Decree Chapter 2985

Kai gazed at the shimmering constellation of the fire nascence, his heart pounding with exhilaration.

Now, even if he didn’t absorb other demons’ demonic fire and merely cultivated using various fire attribute resources, the fire nascence and demonic fire within him would still continue to be enhanced.

Kai’s demonic fire was the purest of its kind, inherited from the demon’s lineage. Even if he absorbed and refined the demonic fire of an ordinary Inferno Devil, he couldn’t merge them with the purest demonic fire within him.

Now that he possessed the fire nascence, Kai no longer needed to search for pure demonic fire to refine. As long he continued augmenting his comprehension of fire nascence, his demonic fire would also grow more powerful.

“Mr. Chance, your fire nascence seems to be more potent than the pure demonic fire! This is truly incredible. No wonder one would gain insight into nascence after breaking through the realm of Tribulator. This technique is much more formidable than those before the realm of Tribulator! You’re just a Body Fusion Realm cultivator, yet you possess nascence space and managed to comprehend two types of nascence. How extraordinary! I’ll devote my life to following you in the future even if I have to go through fire and water, Mr. Chance.”

Faiyar realized the fire nascence Kai comprehended was even stronger than the pure demonic fire of the Inferno Devil clan. It was unbelievable.

Kai was also surprised, not expecting himself to grasp the nascence so quickly. According to Mason, comprehending nascence was extremely challenging.

Some worked hard their entire lives and could only comprehend one type of nascence by natural means upon breaking through the realm of Tribulator.

Those who could further grasp two or three types of nascence were considered geniuses, yet Kai, a Body Fusion Realm cultivator, not only had a nascence space as vast as the galaxy, but he also comprehended two types of nascence within a short period.

That was an utterly absurd feat. At that moment, Typhon was hovering in midair, waiting for Kai’s emergence. However, when he felt the immense aura gushing out from the ground, a look of bewilderment spread across his countenance.

Kai’s figure gradually surfaced from underground until he was standing on the floor. Taking in Kai’s appearance, Typhon furrowed his brows. “What have you been doing underground?”

Kai stared at Typhon coldly in silence, emanating an overwhelming aura. Boundless flames blazed beneath his feet, surging around him.

Typhon practiced metallic cultivation techniques, so he was very susceptible to such raging demonic fire. He was dumbfounded at the sight of the roaring flames enveloping Kai’s body. The strength within Kai was also steadily rising, further baffling Typhon.

“Don’t tell me you swallowed that Flamestone?” Typhon’s heart quivered. From the looks of it, he seems to have directly consumed that Flamestone.

Flamestone contained substantial power and had to be gradually absorbed. If one gulped the stone in one go, they might suffer backlash, causing their body to explode or be burned to ashes.

However, Kai appeared unharmed and unfazed by the scorching flames around him. It seemed he had hidden strengths Typhon couldn’t yet fathom.

A sense of crisis crept into Typhon’s heart as he fixed his eyes on Kai’s ablaze figure. He prepared his golden net to attack Kai at any moment. Not far away, Cloud, Sunny, and the others stared at Kai in astonishment.

Considering the vast difference in capabilities between a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator and a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, the one-on-one duel should’ve been a one-sided victory for the latter..

Yet, surprisingly, Kai seemed composed at that moment, and it was Typhon who was looking nervous. Konce and Lofton both sighed in relief. Thankfully, we’re on Kai’s side. Otherwise, we would’ve died long ago.

“Didn’t you say you could kill me with one hand? I’ll give you the chance to do it now. I won’t run, so why don’t you give me your best shot now?” Kai regarded Typhon with a sneer.

However, the more Kai spoke in that manner, the more reluctant Typhon was to launch an attack on him..


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