The Mans Decree Chapter 2989

As Typhon spoke, he led the other four men toward Kai. At the sight of the Five Slayers heading toward him, Kai frowned slightly. His expression turned solemn as well.

It was already beyond difficult for me to deal with Typhon alone. With all five of them now, we’ve got no chance of winning!

Meanwhile, Cameron was frantically searching for his son, Chev. Chev’s capabilities were not that impressive. Cameron had been worried something would happen to him since they were separated.

However, he did not see any sign of his son among the crowd after scanning his eyes over everyone there. His face went as black as thunder. He knew that Chev’s absence might very likely mean that some tragedy had befallen him.

As long as someone is alive, he’ll definitely be transported over. Even those severely injured and on the verge of death are here so long as they have breath left. The only ones absent are the ones dead.

His heart promptly sank. While he persisted in looking for Chev, he noticed that someone was seemingly avoiding him.

He strode over and quickly discovered that it was a servant of the Nesser family who had been by Chev’s side. He yanked the man out in a flash. “M-Mr. Nesser…”

When the servant of the Nesser family laid eyes on Cameron, he was so terrified that he trembled all over and went as pale as a sheet.

He had deliberately avoided the man earlier, but unexpectedly, Cameron had noticed him. “Where’s my son?” Cameron demanded with a chilly look on his face.

“M-Mr. Chev…”

The servant of the Nesser family did not dare answer that question. “Spit it out! Where is he?” Cameron shot daggers at him.

“He’s dead!” the servant of the Nesser family replied at long last. Cameron’s head started buzzing, and he almost collapsed to the ground. Despite having guessed it ages ago, he still could not accept it when his conjecture was affirmed.

After taking a moment to compose himself, he questioned, “How did he die? And who killed him?”

He knew Chev still had the servants of the Nesser family to protect him by his side although they got separated.

The capabilities of the servants of the Nesser family were all pretty high, so they would never allow Chev to be killed without putting up a fight.

Thud! The servant of the Nesser family abruptly dropped to his knees on the ground. With tears streaming down his face, he uttered, “It was all on us, Mr. Nesser. We failed to protect Mr. Chev. He was burned to death by Phaethon of the Five Slayers. At that time, Phaethon burned him to death for a mystical herb. We wanted to save him, but we weren’t Phaethon’s match. Everyone died at his hands, and I only narrowly escaped to get here. Please spare me, Mr. Nesser. Please have mercy on me!”

As Cameron listened, his body shook incessantly.

He had never expected his son to die such a tragic death, much less that the Five Slayers of the Demon Seal Alliance would go against the Nesser family without fear.

Not too long ago, he had just allied himself with Typhon. But in the next second, one of the man’s companions had burned his son to death. His fury blazed increasingly hotter, causing. terror to fill the eyes of the servant of the Nesser family.

“Since you couldn’t keep my son safe, you serve no purpose at all!”

Cameron killed the man with a single blow. The moment the servant of the Nesser family died, a ray of white light burst out of his body. Like fireworks, it shot up to the sky and soon disappeared into the darkness.

However, no one noticed that. Everyone was observing their surroundings, very much apprehensive in an unfamiliar environment.

After killing that servant of the Nesser family, Cameron turned, only to see Typhon heading his way with the others. The rage in his eyes consumed all reason.

“Return my son to me!”


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