The Mans Decree Chapter 2990

Cameron leaped into the air and shot his hand out at Phaethon. That blow carried infinite power, for he intended to take the latter’s life.

The sudden attack took all the Five Slayers by surprise. Typhon was the first to react. He promptly shot his hand out and met Cameron’s blow.

Bang! As the two hands collided, a terrifying aura burst forth and swiftly spread in all directions. Like a sickle, it harvested the lives of the cultivators around them.

One could only imagine the force produced by two Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators at their peaks when they battled on that cramped altar. Kai, Sunny, and the others hastily released their spiritual energy and formed a shield to block off the terrifying force.

The other cultivators likewise used various methods to protect themselves. Unfortunately, some injured and dying cultivators had no ability to protect themselves. The aura swept over them. They were instantly crushed and turned into a pile of powder.

Several rays of white light again rose and shot up into the sky before disappearing into thin air. Kai had been keeping an eye on things, so he noticed that the capabilities of any cultivator who died would turn into a ray of white light before getting absorbed.

Following that exchange of blows, Cameron stumbled back two steps while Typhon went flying. Injured in the first place, Typhon was on the losing end to fight Cameron head-on.


The others quickly helped Typhon up. “How audacious of you to attack someone from the Demon Seal Alliance, Cameron! You must be sick of living!”

With a roar, Woodley geared up to make a move against Cameron.

“Stop!” Typhon stopped Woodley from doing so. Then, he turned to Cameron with puzzlement and asked, “What’s the meaning of this, Mr. Nesser? Why did you suddenly attack us?”

“You’ve still got the nerve to ask me that? Ask your companions what they have done!”

Cameron glared at Phaethon with fury blazing in his eyes. Shifting his gaze to Phaethon, Typhon questioned, “What did you do, Phaethon?”

“Nothing. That kid of the Nesser family dared to fight me for a mystical herb, so I burned him to death,” Phaethon answered nonchalantly. The instant Typhon heard that, his brows creased.

When Cameron saw that Phaethon was still acting blithe despite killing his son, his wrath blazed even hotter.

“I want you to pay for my son’s life with yours!”

Cameron bellowed.

“I hope you can calm down, Mr. Nesser,” Typhon urged. “Calm down? Could you calm down if I were to kill your son?” Cameron barked.

“If you insist on making a move, Mr. Nesser, do you think you and your worthless subordinates are our match?” Typhon asked, his expression going cold.

Cameron stared at him without saying anything. With all Five Slayers there then, the few men of the Nesser family he had brought were not their match.

He was utterly livid right then. He could not defeat them, yet he could not allow his son to die unavenged either. For a moment, he plunged into a dilemma.

Meanwhile, Kai was over the moon upon seeing that the Nesser family had fallen out with the Five Slayers, Since he injured Typhon, the Five Slayers would never let him off the hook. Regretfully, he, Sunny, and those of the Tall family alone were not their match.

But if they were to join hands with the Nesser family and the rest of the wandering cultivators, they would not have to fear Typhon’s revenge.

“You Five Slayers are downright despicable to throw your weight around and kill other cultivators at will!” Kai stepped forward with his men just then. “If you want to take revenge, Mr. Nesser, we can work together. Then, you’ll stand a chance.”

His words stunned Cameron. Even Typhon was taken aback, for he had never expected Kai to propose a collaboration with Cameron.

After all, he had join forces with the latter to deal with Kai just an hour ago. In the blink of an eye, things had changed.

Nonetheless, there were no eternal friends in the Ethereal Realm. All that existed was perpetual interests. The enemy of one’s enemy is a friend.


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