The Mans Decree Chapter 2991

Cameron stared blankly at Kai before. nodding profusely in response. He knew that teaming up was the only way they could stand a chance against the Five Slayers of the Demon Seal Alliance.

That was especially the case since Cameron and Kai both had a grudge against the Five Slayers.

Cloud, Sunny, and the others were confused as to why Kai would suddenly want to ally with Cameron, but they decided to support his decision no matter what.

Since Kaison had a deep grudge against the Five Slayers, it was only natural that he would support Kai’s decision as long as he got to fight them.

Typhon had used the wandering cultivators as guinea pigs to test the effects of the aura vortexes, so they were all on Kai’s side as well. Just like that, the remaining dozens of cultivators were split into two factions.

Typhon and the others all had gloomy looks on their faces when they realized they were up against dozens of people. None of them had expected things to turn out like this.

Faced with such an overwhelming number of enemies, whatever confidence and arrogance they had in them was gone in an instant. Desperate to kill the Five Slayers, some of the wandering cultivators shouted, “Kill them! Kill them all!”

That terrified the Five Slayers even more. It’ll be incredibly difficult for us to leave this place if they attack us! These b*stards are all after our lives!

Cameron gritted his teeth as murderous intent. filled his eyes. With his newfound confidence, he said with a vicious expression, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That is a rule that has been practiced since ancient times. You guys shall pay for your crimes with your lives!”

Upon sensing the murderous intent from. Cameron, Phaethon was so scared that he didn’t even dare say anything in response.

“This is all a misunderstanding, Mr. Nesser! I’m sorry Phaethon killed your son, and I promise we will answer to the Nesser family for it! We’re in the treasure trove right now, and we have yet to find the treasure. None of us will make it out alive if we start killing each other!” Typhon exclaimed anxiously.

As long as Cameron doesn’t form an alliance with Kai, we will have nothing to worry about! Who knows? I might even be able to get my revenge against Kai for slapping me earlier!

“Bullsh*t! What if I kill one of you guys and claim it’s a misunderstanding, huh? I won’t rest until I make you b*stards pay!” Cameron: retorted as he unleashed his aura and got ready. to attack. Kai narrowed his eyes and charged up his aura as everyone else prepared for combat.

He knew that the Five Slayers were his biggest threat, so killing them was the only way to remain safe in the treasure trove. The Nesser family was still not powerful enough to kill Kai, and it would prove a challenge for Kai to wipe them out as well.

Both sides were rather equally matched in strength, but the Five Slayers were in a different league. If Kai did not ally with the Nesser family, the Five Slayers could take the cultivators out and hog the treasure trove for themselves.

The Five Slayers had become everyone’s target. Everyone around them was out for the Five Slayers’ blood. All five of them had fear written all over their faces when they saw the looks of rage in the cultivators’ eyes.

Right as a huge battle was about to begin, the dark altar was illuminated by a bright, white light. Everyone froze in their tracks when they saw. the elderly man slowly emerge from the white light.

He stared at everyone in silence for a few seconds before saying, “Not bad. The fact that you guys could make it this far shows how competent you all are. You are only one step. away from the treasure now. In order to congratulate you guys on getting this far, I shall give you all a reward.”

The elderly man gently waved his hand, causing ice soul fragments to rain from above the altar.


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