The Mans Decree Chapter 2992

Everyone went wide-eyed with shock when they saw the ice soul fragments. A few seconds later, they snapped out of their dazed state and started stuffing their pockets with the ice soul fragments.

Because there were so many of them, they didn’t even need to fight each other for the ice soul fragments. All they had to do was bend over and pick them up from the ground..

Just like that, the cultivators, who were about to leap into action a while ago, were all busy picking up the ice soul fragments. Kai bent over and picked up an ice soul fragment that was about the size of his thumb and took a closer look at it.

He tried injecting the ice soul fragment with his spiritual energy, only to feel something off about the aura he received from it in return.

Huh? This aura feels different from the one I get when absorbing the ice soul fragments outside, but I can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong with it…

Kai tried absorbing one of the ice soul fragments, only to realize his body couldn’t digest it after he absorbed it. For some reason, his Focus Technique seemed to reject this energy, so he couldn’t use it for himself.

Kai felt a little stunned as he had never experienced something like this before. Focus Technique is able to refine anything!! don’t know what’s going on, but there’s definitely something wrong with these ice soul fragments and that elderly man!

“These ice soul fragments are my reward to you all, but you can only absorb it here. You won’t be able to take it outside,” the elderly man said when he saw everyone stuffing their pockets with ice soul fragments.

Everyone froze in shock for a few seconds before sitting down and absorbing the ice soul fragment’s energy. Kai, too, sat down with them. Unlike them, however, he did not absorb the ice soul fragment’s energy.

The elderly man smiled and slowly faded away after seeing everyone cultivating. The surroundings of the altar grew dark once again, and a black fog slowly came out from it.

The black fog enveloped everyone in the area, so no one could see each other even if they were seated across each other. As everyone was busy cultivating, no one paid any attention to the black fog whatsoever.

A terrifying aura accompanied the black fog and made the altar look all the more creepy. Kai felt incredibly uneasy as he glanced about. The cultivators were absorbing the ice soul fragments’ energy so aggressively that vortexes formed above their heads.

Although Kai couldn’t see them with his eyes, he was still able to observe his surroundings through his spiritual sense.

“Stop absorbing that stuff, you guys! Stop cultivating!” he shouted at Sunny, Cloud, Kaison, and the others through telepathy.

They trembled slightly and opened their eyes when they heard his voice, only to gasp in shock when they saw the black fog around them.

“What’s going on here, Mr. Chance?” Cloud asked in confusion. “There’s something wrong with these ice soul fragments. This might be a trap. We need to stop absorbing this stuff,” Kai whispered.

“A trap?” Everyone looked at Kai in puzzlement as they had no idea what he was talking about.

“I’m not sure what it is either, but something feels off about it. Hurry up and stop your absorption of the ice soul fragments,” Kai replied.

Although they had woken up from their cultivation state, they were still channeling their techniques and absorbing the ice soul fragments’ energy.

Sunny and the others quickly stopped absorbing the ice soul fragments’ energy, only to realize they couldn’t stop it at all.

As though it had a mind of its own, the energy from the ice soul fragments continued to enter their bodies even though they had stopped channeling their techniques.


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