The Mans Decree Chapter 2993

“Oh, no! This ice soul fragment’s energy won’t stop entering my body!” “Same here! I can’t even stop channeling my technique!”

“Me neither! What’s going on here?” The others began to freak out when they realized they could no longer control their cultivation. If the ice soul fragments’ energy keeps entering our bodies, we’ll end up exploding!

Even Kai wasn’t expecting things to turn out like this. “Stay calm. I’ll figure something out!” he said as he tried absorbing some of the ice soul fragments’ energy. Since he didn’t actually absorb the ice soul fragment’s energy at all, it did not affect him in the slightest.

Kai covered Cloud and the others with his spiritual sense and felt the pathway taken by the ice soul fragment’s energy when it entered their body. He then made several attempts to sever that connection but to no avail.

After going silent for a few seconds, Kai made a bold decision. Screw this! I’ll channel all of that energy into my own body instead! Maybe I’ll be able to free these guys from that energy!

Kai began absorbing the ice soul fragments’ energy with Cloud. Upon channeling his Focus Technique, he forcefully sucked the energy over from Cloud’s body.

As though a huge load had been lifted off his shoulders, Cloud breathed a sigh of relief. Had Kai not done that, he would have surely exploded and died. Kai continued absorbing the ice soul fragments’ energy from Sunny, Kaison, and the others into his body.

With the black fog obscuring everything around them, no one could see that the energy was all flowing into Kai’s body. Kai’s face turned somewhat gloomy as he couldn’t refine the energy no matter how he channeled his Focus Technique.

He was using his physical body to forcefully contain all that energy.

“How do you feel, Mr. Chance?” Cloud asked.

“I’m fine. You guys just make sure not to absorb any more of that energy from the ice soul fragments. I need to take a break,” Kai said as he activated his elixir field and began channeling that energy.

As strong as his body might be, it would eventually crack if that energy continued to surge through him like that. He had to try and channel that energy elsewhere.

After giving it some thought, he decided to channel that energy into his nascence space, which was as huge as a universe. This energy won’t cause any problems if it flows around the vastness of my nascence space! Still, I don’t understand this energy enough to know if I can direct it into my nascence space…

After placing his entire body in the nascence space, Kai began directing the energy with his spiritual sense.

It wasn’t long before he successfully directed the energy into the nascence space. The energy grew increasingly aggressive after entering the nascence space and started soaring about.

The energy was also increasing in intensity. over time as more energy continued pouring into Kai’s body. This time, however, he wasn’t afraid as the nascence space was so huge that it would be near impossible for the energy to fully occupy the space.

“Mr. Chance! Mr. Chance!” Cloud called out to him worriedly when he saw Kai go quiet for so long. “I’m fine!” Kai said as he exited his nascence space.

“What should we do now, Mr. Chance? Do we escape this place?” Kaison asked. Since this is a trap, we need to get out of here as soon as possible, or we’ll all end up dead!


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