The Mans Decree Chapter 2995

Fear spread across everyone’s heart as they began to wonder who this elderly man was.

“Young man, I didn’t think you would meet my brother. But even if you’ve realized the truth, it’s too late now. None of you can escape this place! My brother and I are identical twins, indistinguishable in appearance and actions. Yet, you possess the keen eye to discern the smallest of differences.

You truly are remarkable. If circumstances allowed, I would have gladly taken you as my disciple. However, my brother beat me to it and generously shared all the techniques and mystical artifacts of Archaic Body Cultivation with you.” The elderly man couldn’t help but express his admiration for Kai. Upon listening to that, everyone felt their hearts sink in despair.

Kai could hardly conceal his astonishment. The elderly man he had encountered at the thatched hut turned out to be the real elder of the Archaic Body cultivators and the identical twin of the elderly man standing before him now

They should both be Archaic Body cultivators, but this elderly man didn’t seem to care about Archaic Body cultivators.

“Can you tell me who exactly you are?” Kai asked.

“No problem,” the elderly man replied with a sense of satisfaction. “After all these years, my story can finally be told. But none of you will be leaving this place alive.” He descended slowly onto the altar, his gaze fixed on Kai.

While some cultivators continued to die, resulting in their cultivation getting sucked away, the elderly man remained utterly unperturbed. It was as though snuffing out the lives of dozens of cultivators was no different to him than crushing a handful of ants.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I was once a prodigious Archaic Body cultivator, but my elder brother always outshone me. I refused to yield and pushed myself to the limit in my cultivation efforts, yet I still couldn’t surpass him. Then, one day, I stumbled upon a forbidden demonic technique, and I secretly mastered it. My power surged, and my brother could no longer rival me. Nevertheless, he ultimately became the leader of the Archaic Body cultivators. It infuriated me because I was the true prodigy, not him. Tell me, I was the mightiest cultivator, so shouldn’t I have been the leader?” the elderly man demanded loudly.

“You embraced darkness and delved into demonic techniques. How could you even consider being a leader? Do you wish for all Archaic Body cultivators to become Demonic Cultivators?” Kai’s response was filled with disdain.

“So what if they become Demonic Cultivators? Strength is what matters! Those who wield power have the right to make decisions!” the elderly man bellowed, his anger contorting his face.

“That’s why you deceived your brother, bringing him here with the intention of eliminating him and seizing the techniques and mystical artifacts of the Archaic Body cultivators, all to claim his position. However, he’d rather embrace death than allow you to harm the Archaic Body cultivators. That’s why both of your soul remnants are imprisoned in this sinister place. You enticed us here to siphon our strength, so you can eventually reconstitute your body and escape. Am I correct?” Kai asked.

After his initial astonishment, the elderly man erupted into laughter. “You’ve hit the mark. I’ve never encountered someone as astute as you. Ah, what a shame. Your demise paves the way for my rebirth, so you ought to consider yourselves fortunate.”

Kai mumbled to himself, “No wonder the genuine elder of the Archaic Body cultivators repeatedly cautioned me against progressing further. It seems he was well aware of the truth.”

Back then, he had wondered why the elder had halted his advancement. Now, it was clear that the elder had done so to safeguard his well- being.


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