The Mans Decree Chapter 2997

“Watch over them closely. Before long, their bodies will rupture, and their fate will be sealed. At that point, I’ll have the opportunity to reconstruct my physical form. If you stand by me, I’ll reward you handsomely,” the elderly man said to Typhon and his companions.

“Thank you, Sir. We’ll do our best!” Typhon and the like responded happily. The elderly man nodded in satisfaction, and his figure disappeared. The Five Slayers looked at everyone with a smug smile.

“Young man, weren’t you quite arrogant before? Why not join forces now and try to eliminate us?” Typhon taunted, a sly grin on his face.

Phaethon stared at Cameron and sneered, “Mr. Nesser, I was the one who killed your son. I burned him to death. Come kill me!”

Cameron’s face flushed in anger, but there was nothing he could do as he couldn’t move. Brimming with smugness, the Five Slayers maintained their vigilant watch over the crowd.

Before long, another cultivator couldn’t withstand the strain any longer. His body ruptured, and he perished on the spot. His cultivation transformed into a burst of radiant light and ascended into the air.

Following his demise, all of his magical items and weapons plummeted to the ground. The Five Slayers got busy picking up the items. on the altar.

“These poor cultivators don’t have anything good on them. Let’s wait for this brat to die. He has many magical items from the Archaic Body cultivators.”

“Yes. Cameron has quite a few valuable items as well. Their deaths will turn out to be quite the unexpected windfall for us.”

“Don’t forget that brat from the Tall family. We just have to pick up their stuff. This is easier than finding the treasure.”

The Five Slayers began discussing excitedly. None of them were aware that Kaison, Cloud, and the others were not under the control of the elderly man and were simply sitting there unmoving.

“Kai, please, find a way to save us quickly,” Beau said to Kai telepathically, his fear evident in his words. They could only rely on Kai as he was the only one who had seen through the elderly man’s trap.

“Don’t move, and don’t talk. I’ll help you suck the energy away,” Kai replied with a telepathic message. Beau nodded urgently, and then he sensed a force enveloping him, draining the energy from the ice soul fragment.

Excitement gleamed in his eyes as he realized he was finally free from its control. The Five Slayers remained oblivious to Beau’s change, but Cameron had keenly observed his reaction.

After giving both Beau and Kai a subtle glance, Cameron said to Kai telepathically, “Kai, if you have the means to do so, can you save all of us? I promise to repay the favor. If only a few of you escape, there’s no escaping the grasp of the Five Slayers either.”

He gazed at Kai, hoping the latter would save them all. Kai knew Cameron was right. He and his group weren’t capable of defeating the Five Slayers.

“Okay. I can assist in removing the force, but for now, stay still. We’ll wait for the right moment to make our escape,” Kai replied through their telepathic connection. Cameron nodded in agreement. Kai telepathically revealed his plan to all the cultivators.

Upon hearing the news that there was hope for their rescue, everyone readily agreed and nodded in agreement. The wandering cultivators’ eyes gleamed with gratitude.

Before long, Kai had absorbed all the energy from the cultivators into his own body. His nascence space was vast, capable of containing all the energy without risking his own life. Everyone was delighted to finally break free from the force.

However, none of them made any sudden movements. Instead, they waited patiently for Kai to make the necessary arrangements.


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