The Mans Decree Chapter 2999

Kai came out from his nascence space, glanced at the Five Slayers, and then said to all cultivators through telepathy, “Let’s destroy this altar together. We can only do it when they aren’t expecting it and immediately leave this place once the altar is destroyed.”

Everyone nodded in agreement to Kai’s plan. Kai began to gather his aura within him.

“Now!” At his command, everyone made their moves.

Boom! As a thundering explosion sounded, intense spiritual energy flowed, a beam of dazzling light shot up to the sky, and waves of turbulent aura gushed in every direction.

Before the Five Slayers could even react, they were blown away by the massive aura. Every pillar across the altar started to collapse, and cracks began to form on the floor.

Chaotic auras intertwined. The ground shook, and pillars of light shot up. As another loud explosion rang out, the entire altar collapsed.

The power of dozens of cultivators launching an attack together was fearsome. The terrifying. pressure of the aura caused the Five Slayers’ faces to contort.

“Run! Nobody stays!” Kai roared and quickly led everyone to flee the area. “How dare you think about fleeing after destroying my altar?”

Suddenly, a blanket of dark fog drew close. An elderly man shrouded within that black cloud slowly made his way over.

He had a menacing look on his face. His expression was ghastly and horrifying. He looked exactly like a demon. It was without a doubt that he was a demon since he didn’t even try to disguise otherwise. The cultivators continued to flee when they spotted the elderly man.

The elderly man abruptly waved his arm, and an enormous hand formed within the blanket of dark fog, grabbing one of the cultivators. With al gentle flick, the cultivator was tossed into the distance. He crashed into the rock wall heavily, bled from every orifice, and died.

A white light rose from that cultivator’s body: and disappeared after floating into mid-air.. The rest looked at the dreadful scene in horror and began breaking into cold sweat.

No one dared to drag their feet and ran for their lives toward the exit. However, they had no idea where the exit was since they were teleported there, so they could only flee to whichever direction they felt safe.

“Haha! This feeling of hunting you down is amazing!”

The elderly man laughed as he attacked again, catching two cultivators and instantly crushing them. Blood splattered everywhere.

“Run as far as you can from the altar! Leave here, and this old man will be less powerful,” Kai shouted, having noticed early on that the elderly man’s ability was only potent when he was in that area.

He didn’t feel threatened by the elderly man’s powers when he ran into him at another place. The elderly man couldn’t even defeat Kai in that palace.

He deduced that the elderly man was just a soul remnant, and the closer they were to his final resting place, the more his powers grew. On the contrary, his powers would weaken the further he was.

“You can’t escape from here!”

The elderly man did not feel the least bit worried as he watched the crowd flee. Instead, he simply watched in amusement.

Right when Kai and his companions were about to leave the area around the altar, the ground began to shake out of the blue.

Boom! Pillars of lights shot toward the sky ahead of them. The number of pillars continued to grow, illuminating the entire area. The glow exuded from the light pillars gathered at one spot, forming a shield and blocking everyone.

“F*ck! No wonder that old demon isn’t worried! There’s already an arcane array in place, blocking us,” Konce cursed when he spotted the shield ahead of him. He clenched his fist and punched the shield.

However, the shield did not budge. Not even a trace was left.


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