The Mans Decree Chapter 3001

“You’ll never find out whether or not we’ll get annihilated.” As soon as the words left Typhon’s mouth, he charged toward Cameron.

Almost immediately, the others joined the fray. The Five Slayers, too, dashed forward to confront the horde of cultivators.

However, due to the immense strength of the Five Slayers, numerous wandering cultivators met their demise without a chance to retaliate. In an instant, an array of magical items was brandished, and various types of divine weapons clashed together in an incessant cacophony.

The elderly man savored the sight of the battle while hovering in the air. Whenever a cultivator dropped dead, a streak of white light ascended to the heavens,

Engaged in a duel with Typhon, Cameron understood that he had to unleash his full strength if he intended to survive. His eyes flashed with determination, and he bit down hard on the tip of his tongue.

Then, he spat a mouthful of blood onto the longsword he was wielding. The sword emitted a streak of scarlet light with a slight tremor.

“Celestial Swipe!” Cameron shouted as he propelled himself toward Typhon, brandishing his longsword. “Have you forgotten who I am? You’ve got some nerve to brandish a sword before me.” Typhon scoffed, his eyes brimming with disdain.

His technique revolved around manipulating metal, with a particular talent for countering weapons such as swords and blades.

With a simple palm gesture, Typhon conjured a shimmering golden shield in front of him, effectively blocking Cameron’s strike.

Bang! After the intense collision, Cameron was pushed back several steps. Typhon, too, fared no better, only managing to regain his stability after staggering backward several steps.

However, as a consequence of the strike, cracks had appeared on the magic sword in Cameron’s hand. Under his astonished gaze, the weapon shattered, leaving only the handle in his grasp.

Cameron was thunderstruck. This is the ancient magic sword of the Norton family, passed down by my ancestors, and it has been destroyed by a single strike!

One look at the sword was enough to reveal that the Norton family was not a wealthy clan; their heirloom was so fragile and stood no chance.

“Hah! Since you’re so weak, say hello to hell!” As Typhon roared with laughter, he dashed toward Cameron. Just as he was about to strike, the earth rumbled, and suddenly, the scene before his eyes transformed.

Mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans… All of these scenes flashed before Typhon’s eyes in an instant, and even the four seasons of a year flew by. Typhon stood there, stunned and confused.

Even the elderly man sensed the change. Kai and the cultivators have vanished! The other cultivators also noticed the change in their surroundings, which appeared startlingly real.

They all fell silent, completely immersing themselves in the vivid scene before them, putting an end to their battle.

That was the illusion array that Kai had conjured. Its vast illusory nascence made it appear incredibly realistic, even managing to ensnare the Five Slayers and the elderly man.

Unleashing his spiritual sense, Kai swiftly extracted Cloud, Cameron, and the others from the illusionary array.

When Cameron and the others regained consciousness, they saw the Five Slayers scurrying about and muttering to themselves like fools. Even the elderly man was looking confused. “W-What is going on?” Cameron was puzzled.

“You were all ensnared in my illusion spell,” Kai explained.

“Excellent! Let’s seize the opportunity and slay them all!” Kaison exclaimed with delight. As he spoke, he prepared to dash forward.

Kai hurriedly stopped Kaison. “Stay where you are! The illusion array will only hold them temporarily. The moment you make a move, your aura will destabilize the array and break it. I’ve located the arcane array’s core. If we join forces to attack it, we can break the shield.”

Kaison was so frightened upon hearing the warning that he didn’t dare move another muscle.


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