The Mans Decree Chapter 3006

In the next moment, Typhon produced a coin and flung it into the air. With a sharp pop, the coin transformed into a metal puppet.

Typhon proceeded to infuse a strand of his aura into the metal puppet. The puppet shot off at an astonishing speed, leaving a gilded streak across the sky. A golden figure materialized, radiating a formidable aura.

“Look! What’s that?” exclaimed the cultivator at the rear of the group. However, as he voiced his observation, a golden ray shot out from the puppet and pierced the cultivator’s chest, leaving a bloody hole in its wake.

The cultivator promptly crumpled to the ground, and a white glow emerged from his body, rising into the air. The sudden turn of events startled the remaining group members.

“What in the world is that? Why is it so powerful?” another cultivator exclaimed, his eyes fixed on the golden figure.

“Is that a human or a machine? Why is its aura so peculiar?” Sunny wondered out loud, equally puzzled. “Stop that thing!” A furious shout from one of the cultivators prompted the others to draw their weapons.

They recognized that if they didn’t confront their pursuers, they would remain the prey indefinitely. Therefore, they needed to get rid of the unknown entity first. In an instant, blades gleamed, and intimidating spiritual energy pervaded the atmosphere.

However, the metal puppet remained unperturbed by the barrage of attacks. Being an inanimate entity, it had no fear of death. Furthermore, destroying its metal body would prove to be no simple task.

Before long, the cultivators came to the realization that their myriad of attacks were inflicting no damage on the metal puppet.

They were already teetering on the brink of physical exhaustion, which meant their attacks lacked significant power under such circumstances.

Suddenly, Typhon’s voice echoed from a corner. “Hahaha! You’re all so fatigued that you can’t even handle one of my toys!”

Upon witnessing how his metal puppet remained unscathed despite their continuous attacks, Typhon concluded that they were too exhausted to pose any threat to him.

Kai and his group heard Typhor’s voice, and their hearts skipped a beat. If the Five Slayers were to catch up with them at this juncture, they would be in dire straits, as they were too exhausted to mount a defense.

Instead of continuing to hide, Typhon emerged from his hiding place. Simultaneously, the metal puppet slowly descended from the air until it was beside Typhon. Fear crept into everyone’s eyes when they saw Typhon’s appearance.

“Look at you, helpless little lambs. Who should I kill first?” Typhon grinned, a smug expression on his face. Right at that moment, Kai stepped forward and declared, “You all go ahead. I’ll handle this guy.”

Kai could discern that not all the members of the Five Slayers had caught up with them; otherwise, Typhon wouldn’t have shown up alone. Kai wanted the rest of his group to escape before the Five Slayers arrived.

Otherwise, continuing to engage with Typhon and wasting time here until the rest of the Five Slayers arrived would spell disaster for them.

They needed to locate a hidden location where they could rest. Once they had gathered their strength, they wouldn’t need to fear the Five Slayers as much..

“Will you be okay dealing with him alone, Mr. Chance?” Cloud queried. “He’s right, Kai. There’s no way you can defeat the Five Slayers on your own. Why don’t I stay and fight with you?” Sunny expressed his willingness to stay behind.

“Don’t worry. Typhon is the only one here, and I can handle him. The rest of the Five Slayers haven’t caught up with us yet. You should take this opportunity to escape. We won’t be able to do so if all the Five Slayers are here,” Kai assured Sunny.

“Kai’s right. We’ve depleted most of our spiritual energy. Staying would be suicidal,” Lofton pointed out.


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