The Mans Decree Chapter 3007

“Okay. We’ll go ahead. Stay safe, Kai,” Sunny conceded with a nod. While the rest of Kai’s group prepared to escape, Typhon bellowed, “How dare you attempt to flee? None of you are leaving today!”

Typhon then controlled his metal puppet to ascend to the sky, causing it to emit a glow like a rocket preparing for launch.

“Ha! This isn’t up to you!” With a disdainful snort, Kai released a surge of potent martial energy. Simultaneously, he leaped into the air, aiming to intercept the puppet.

The puppet extended its right hand, directing its sharp fingers toward Kai. The space around them trembled as gusts of strong gale billowed loudly.

Since Typhon was controlling the puppet to fight on his behalf, he was not afraid of getting injured or struck by the brunt of Kai’s demonic fire. Otherwise, he might have been more hesitant to engage in combat with Kai.

Kai sneered disdainfully as he gazed at the puppet. It was merely a construct made of metal components, presenting no real threat to Kai.

Kai’s eyes gleamed with intensity as he tapped into the fire nascence within his own nascence space. Moments later, his Golem Body enveloped him, shielding him with golden scales reminiscent of those on the metal puppet.

In the blink of an eye, Kai was surrounded by blinding, golden flames, looking as though he was a fiery god of war.

Screech! By this point, the puppet’s hand had reached Kai. The ensuing clash produced the jarring noise of metal meeting metal, causing the hairs on the backs of those who heard it to stand on end. Despite the puppet’s formidable grip, it proved incapable of breaking through Kai’s Golem Body.

“Die!” Kai roared, propelling his fist toward the puppet. His golden fist burned with fiery intensity, and soon, the flames consumed the puppet as well.

Observing the spectacle, Typhon furrowed his brows. He had never expected Kai to possess such a formidable defense technique like Golem Body.

Thud! Soon, Typhon lost control of the puppet, and it plummeted from the sky. The flames continued to consume the puppet, causing its metallic surface to crackle and deform.

To Typhon’s horror, the puppet started to liquefy. Typhon’s complexion paled. Kai’s demonic fire must have been exceptionally potent to melt his metal puppet. Hovering in midair, Kai shot a disdainful look at Typhon and asked, “Well, are you scared now?”

At that moment, Typhon’s anger almost gave him a heart attack. As a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, he felt that it was humiliating that Kai could effortlessly defeat and belittle him time and again.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to salvage the situation. After all, Kai’s demonic fire posed an equally lethal threat to him.

Just as Typhon was at a loss for what to do, Phaethon emerged and advised him, saying, “Go after the others and let me deal with this young man. He’s a fool for using fire in front of me.”

Typhon nodded in agreement and swiftly leaped up, wanting to chase after the others. Seeing that, Kai waved his palm, summoning flames to block Typhon’s path.

Kai knew that he couldn’t allow Typhon to catch up with the rest of his group. He had to protect them, as their only chance of winning lay in regaining their strength and joining forces.

“Ha! I can’t believe a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator like you have the guts to fight us!” Phaethon looked at Kai with complete disdain as he exhaled a fiery stream from his mouth.

The flames appeared fierce and seemed significantly more potent than Kai’s demonic fire. However, as the fiery onslaught drew near, Kai remained steadfast, making no attempt to evade it.

In a flash, Kai was engulfed by the flames. Phaethon was taken aback upon seeing Kai’s lack of reaction. He had no idea what Kai was trying to do.

“Do you think you can block my flames with your shielding technique? How naive! My flames can burn everything!” Phaethon smirked.

However, Kai paid him no heed. With Phaethon’s flames still engulfing him, he leaped into action, positioning himself directly in Typhon’s path.


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