The Mans Decree Chapter 3009

Phaethon and Typhon erupted in fury upon hearing Kai’s taunting words. Their auras surging in their hands, they bellowed, “How dare you mock us? Are you tired of living? I’ll kill you and tear you into pieces!”

However, Kai remained composed, his eyes filled with disdain as if he did not care about them at all. Kai’s expression only served to further stoke their anger.

Boom! Suddenly, a deafening sound erupted as the duo unleashed a joint attack on Kai. For a moment, the void trembled intensely as the earth shook and quivered. All of a sudden, Kai vanished. Phaethon and Typhon’s frenzied assault seemed to have done nothing to hurt him.

“Is that last one a decoy too?” Phaethon frowned, looking utterly bewildered.

“How is this possible? Are they all an illusion spell? Are we hallucinating?” Typhon kept rubbing his eyes, but he couldn’t see Kai nor Kai’s body anywhere.

At this moment, the two of them were left utterly baffled, struggling to comprehend how Kai had seemingly vanished.

In reality, it had nothing to do with an illusion spell. They were all tangible shadow clones, each infused with Kai’s aura. That was why both of them had the impression that the figures before them appeared so real.

However, Kai realized he was no match for them, so he refrained from using his shadow clones to fight back. The spiritual energy expended by the shadow clones originated from Kai himself, so rather than retaliating, he opted for a silent escape.

“Dmn it! He got away! I’m so pssed!” Phaethon roared in anger, gritting his teeth. At that very moment, the other members of the Five Slayers received Phaethon’s message and hurried to the scene.

“Where’s he?” Woodley asked when he realized Kai was not there. Phaethon and Typhon remained silent, believing that the others would likely mock them if they were to disclose the truth.

Not only did they fail to apprehend him, but they also couldn’t prevent him from making an escape.

The fact that they still couldn’t defeat a mere Body Fusion Realm cultivator even when they united their efforts seemed utterly ludicrous to them.

“They’ve all escaped. Let’s go after them.” After speaking, Typhon initiated the chase in the direction everyone had fled, with the others quickly following suit.

Meanwhile, Cloud, Sunny, and the rest slowed their pace after putting some distance between themselves and their pursuers. They eventually came to a complete stop just to wait for Kai to catch up.

“Do you think Mr. Chance can make it alone?”

Cloud expressed his worry. “He should be fine. Since he told us to leave first, I’m sure he can handle the situation.” Sunny had faith in Kai.

Despite his words, Sunny couldn’t conceal a hint of concern on his face as he continued to glance back. Many cultivators also came to a halt spontaneously, patiently awaiting Kai’s arrival.

Following their recent encounters, those cultivators had come to the realization that their best chance of survival was by sticking with Kai.

“Quick, look! It’s Mr. Chance!” Kaison exclaimed in excitement after spotting Kai. The entire group was thrilled when they saw him. Cloud could not contain his excitement. “Mr. Chance! You’ve made it!”

“Why did you guys stop running?” Kai looked puzzled. “We stopped because we were worried about you. So, we decided to wait for you,” Sunny replied.

“Let’s keep moving. The Five Slayers might catch up soon, so we need to find a hidden spot to rest and replenish our strength,” Kai urged, taking the lead as the group pressed onward.

Despite having traveled for an unknown duration with the group in tow, Kai had not yet detected the distinctive aura he was familiar with. He recalled his encounter with the elder from the Archaic Body Cultivation clan in the thatched cottage and realized that the aura he was searching for was different from the one he had sensed from that elderly man at the altar.

If he could locate that distinct aura that stood out, he might have a chance to find the elder from the Archaic Body Cultivation clan.


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