The Mans Decree Chapter 3011

Sunny, who had been at Kai’s side and saved by him on multiple occasions, had already. come to consider himself part of Kai’s family. As such, he believed that he, of all people, should be the first to volunteer at that moment.

“No need. This time, I’ll go first. Since I created the vortex, I have a better understanding of what’s inside than all of you. Besides, a standard Death Trap Formation can’t harm me when I have the Golem Body,” Kai declared before charging straight into the vortex.

After Kai vanished into the vortex, Sunny and the others followed closely behind. Cameron was the last to enter the vortex.

In truth, Cameron didn’t have complete confidence in Kai, which was why he entered last. If there were indeed dangers within the vortex, he could extricate himself anytime.

Immediately after Kai entered the vortex, he was greeted by a hazy scene ahead. It felt as though he had stepped into a Teleportation Array. His movements were constrained, and he couldn’t employ his spiritual sense to perceive anything or survey his surroundings.

All he could discern were blinding white lights flashing before him, and the only sound he could perceive was the ceaseless breeze. Only after a prolonged period, when the wind’s sound finally ceased, did he open his eyes.

When he did, he realized he was in a canyon, and deep within it stood a thatched cottage.

The canyon was enveloped by lush greenery. creating a picturesque scene, especially against the backdrop of the clear, blue sky. Anyone who set foot in this place would feel comfortable and rejuvenated.

In contrast to the previous space within the altar, which had been predominantly gray, their new surroundings could be likened to heaven on earth.

However, despite the incredible environment, there wasn’t a single soul in sight, giving the place a desolate and eerie ambiance. Kai released his spiritual sense, hoping to detect the elder’s aura. Unfortunately, he was met with failure.

“Wow. This place is stunning!” Kaison couldn’t contain his amazement as he surveyed the lush surroundings. Living in the far north, where snow covered the land, he rarely had the opportunity to witness. such a magnificent sight.

The other cultivators were equally astonished as they gazed upon their new surroundings. They all concurred that the new location they had arrived at was far more visually pleasing than the previous one.

“Is that the cottage you mentioned, Mr. Chance?” asked Cloud as he pointed at the thatched cottage not too far from them.

“That’s right, but I don’t sense the aura of that elder. I’m not sure if he’s still inside,” Kai said before proceeding toward the cottage. Seeing that, the others followed suit.

Upon entering the cottage, Kai scanned the interior and found that nothing had changed, except that the various technique scrolls for Archaic Body Cultivation and the magical items were now stored inside his Storage Ring.

“The elder is so poor. To think he lives in such a terrible thatched cottage,” remarked Kaison with a sigh as he studied the building.

Cameron scrutinized the thatched cottage and said, “All that remains of him is his soul remnant. It has been many years, and perhaps, one day, even his soul remnant will vanish. He’s fortunate to have a thatched roof over his head. Once his soul remnant disappears, this world will likely crumble and cease to exist as well.”

“In that case, why did that old geezer from earlier have a palace and an altar? Why did he make his place so extravagant?” Kaison was perplexed. He’s also a soul remnant, likely on the brink of dissipation. Yet, he went to great lengths to create such a complex world!

“It’s because he has been preparing to restore his physical body. Why else would he invest so much time in constructing his world? He used various incentives to entice us to the altar. The cultivators who perished will ultimately become the resources he needs to reconstruct his physical form,” Kai explained.

“That old b*stard really is evil!” Kaison gritted his teeth. Suddenly, a startled cry echoed from outside the thatched cottage, jolting Kai and his companions.


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