The Mans Decree Chapter 3014

Observing Kai’s apprehensive countenance, the elder smiled and elucidated, “Do not be afraid. I understand what you and the others have been through, but my younger brother is not the only one with control over this world. Our worlds have largely merged. If you all hadn’t intruded, I would have remained within my thatched cottage, never setting foot here. I intended to wait until my soul remnant faded and my world crumbled.”

“Then why did you bring me here, sir?” inquired Kai, confused. To prevent the resurrection of my little brother, of course.”

“In that case, we can just go together. You’ll deal with your brother while I snatch the Ice Soul Pill. Isn’t that simple?” Kai was perplexed by the elder’s decision to make such a simple feat appear more mysterious than it needed to be.

“You know my brother’s power will be greatly reduced if he leaves the altar, yes? Do you think the same doesn’t apply to me when I leave my own territory?” questioned the elder.

“Um…” Kai was momentarily at a loss for words because he didn’t consider that.

“I’ll wait for you ahead. Once we pass through this place, you’ll see a whole new world.” The moment the elder finished speaking, his figure vanished. Suddenly, Kai was left alone in the dim hall.

Kai surveyed his surroundings and noticed the hall was supported by a few pillars. There was nothing ahead of him, unlike the first time he was there. After a brief contemplation, he strode toward the dim area ahead.

Though he felt uneasy wandering in the dark area, he had no choice. His only option was to traverse into the depths of the palace. After taking a few steps forward, he frowned because he realized he couldn’t utilize any power within him.

Furthermore, his surroundings bore down upon him with overwhelming pressure, making each step he took heavy and laborious. He was forced to rely only on his physical strength to continue his journey.

Soon, his forehead was covered in sweat. Every time he lifted his leg, he felt as though he was walking with boulders attached to his calves. Also, each iolite tile that he laid his foot on would crack. Could this be a challenge for me? And that there’ll be a reward waiting for me at the end?

Kai wondered before gritting his teeth and marching ahead. The pressure applied on him was getting more intense the deeper he ventured. Also, there didn’t seem to be an end ahead.

Since Kai couldn’t use any magecraft or magical items, he had to count solely on his physical strength and willpower to carry him forward. His shirt was drenched in sweat at that point, and every step he took felt like a brush with death.

Thud! Suddenly, Kai’s legs gave way, and he dropped to the ground. He panted for a few moments before inhaling deeply and getting back on his feet.

Gradually, the dim space ahead of him became brighter, and the elderly appeared before him. He gazed at Kai with surprise. The presence of the elderly man spurred Kai on, as he believed he was nearing the finish line.

In the end, he summoned every ounce of strength left in his body to approach the elderly man.


As Kai took the final step, the pressure surrounding him dissipated. His body instantly relaxed, and he collapsed to the ground.

Initially, he had been exerting his strength to resist the pressure. Therefore, when the pressure abruptly dissipated, his exertion caused him to fall.

Staring at Kai, the elderly nodded with satisfaction. “Your physique sure is sturdy. As expected of someone with the Golden Dragon’s True Form. It would seem that disobedient descendant of mine has a good eye.”

He was pleased with Kai’s performance, knowing that the latest clan leader of the Archaic Body cultivators was the one who picked Kai, as seen with the emerald badge Kai possessed.


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