The Mans Decree Chapter 3015

“Sir, may I know what’s the point of setting these tests to evaluate my body?” Kai asked. He was, without a doubt, utterly clueless about why the elder of Archaic Body cultivators was so intent on assessing his physical performance.

“Didn’t you want me to help you destroy my brother?” the elder replied.

“Yes, but didn’t you also mention that your powers will be greatly reduced once you leave your world and that you won’t be able to defeat him?”

“Yes, I did say that. However, there’s a way for me to leave my world and still retain all my powers.”

In an instant, everything fell into place for Kai. “Sir, are you planning to possess my body?”

I know soul remnants are capable of possessing bodies… That way, they can retain their powers no matter which world they’re in!

To his surprise, the elder shook his head. “It’s not a possession. Instead, I’ll be merging with your body. When that time comes, I’ll be you, and you’ll be me… If I possessed you, the two of us would be controlling your body. simultaneously, and there’s no way we’d be my brother’s match! Therefore, what we need is a perfect fusion. Only then can our consciousness and thoughts merge as one. Don’t worry… When everything’s over, and you can free yourself from this realm, my soul remnant will automatically disappear. I can’t leave this place unless I restore my physical body, possess or merge with a person. Do you trust me?” he explained as he stared calmly at Kai.

Of course, the elder knew his suggestion wasn’t something most people would readily agree to. After all, Kai would still have control over his thoughts and actions during a possession, but a fusion would turn him into a completely different person.

Apart from his physical appearance, Kai would lose control over everything else, so it was no surprise that he was somewhat hesitant.

“I won’t force you. Take your time to think about it, the elder added before walking into the hall to wait for Kai’s decision.

As he watched the elder’s retreating figure, Kai finally gritted his teeth and spoke up. “All right. I agree, sir.”

Argh… What choice do I have? This is the only way to kill that old demon and obtain the Ice Soul Pill. If I don’t try it, we might never get the pill or, worse still, be stuck here forever!

The man slowly turned around and looked at Kai. “You must be willing to go through with this and not harbor a single ounce of resistance. Otherwise, we won’t be able to merge as one. You see… My divine soul has weakened a lot over the years, so there’s no way I can forcefully fuse with another body. I need your full cooperation,” he explained, eager to know if the latter was really willing to carry out the plan.

“I’m fully willing, sir,” Kai answered with a firm nod. “I’ll leave my body in your hands!”

“Very well, then. Let’s get started. You’ll feel some discomfort during the merging process…”

the elder said before gently placing a finger between Kai’s brows. “We’re now fusing our memories. Just relax and stay calm.”

Soon, Kai felt a peculiar aura flood into his consciousness field, and the next thing he knew, he was transported into it.

Not only was he now in his own consciousness field, but he could also see his body gradually taking on the appearance of the elderly man!

Oh, my goodness. I didn’t know my physical looks would change during the fusion, too!

Just then, he felt the scene before him change, and an angry voice rang out. “Brother, you’d better hand over Archaic Body cultivators’ magical items, techniques, and your position!

I’m the only one who can lead our clanspeople to greater heights! You, on the other hand, will destroy it!”

As dark clouds filled the skies, a grim-faced man walked out of the thick, black fog and stood before Kai.


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