The Mans Decree Chapter 3016

Kai felt his heart lurch as he realized who the man was. Oh, dear… That’s the old demon, the younger brother of the elder of Archaic Body cultivators! I can’t believe he has tracked us down so soon!

Amidst his panic, Kai suddenly thought of something and looked down at his body. Argh! I’m not even myself! I’ve taken on the elder’s appearance! Worst of all, this old demon looks way younger than the last time I saw him.

Just then, Kai recalled what the elder had mentioned before their fusion and finally understood what was happening.

Oh! Wait a minute… The old demon hasn’t tracked us down. This is only part of the elder’s memories because our minds have been combined!

“Is being the clan leader that important to you? You’re under the influence of evil, so I don’t blame you for making mistakes and cultivating demonic techniques. Come back with me, and. let me help you destroy your inner demons. We’re brothers. I don’t want us to fight each other,” the elder said evenly.

To Kai, it felt like he was watching a movie as the memories belonging to the elder of Archaic Body cultivators slowly played out before him.

This must be the elder’s most unforgettable memory. That’s why it’s the first to resurface!

Hmph. Don’t make yourself out to be so noble. We grew up together and cultivated the same techniques, but I’ve always been more talented. Why, then, was the position of clan leader given to you? Is it because you’re a few minutes older than me? I can’t accept this. I can’t…” the old demon bellowed, his face contorted with rage.

“It’s not too late to repent and seek forgiveness. So long as you get rid of your demonic technique, I can give you another chance,” the elder said, a note of desperation in his voice.

“Get rid of my demonic technique? Dream on!” the old demon scoffed. “Ever since I cultivated it, my powers have surpassed yours by leaps and bounds. Is that why you’re feeling uncomfortable? Listen up. My demonic technique is the only proper way to strengthen the foundation of Archaic Body cultivators. Our current technique is outdated and should’ve been eliminated long ago. If we refuse to make the necessary changes, our clan will die out sooner or later.”

The elder’s face was etched with sorrow as he looked at his brother. “Is it not bad enough that you’ve become a demon? Why must you let your clanspeople walk down the same path? Even though our Archaic Body Cultivation can’t increase your powers dramatically, it won’t make you lose your mind. Look at yourself now. You’re a demon, through and through…”

“Cut the cr*p! My cultivation is going well.

Nothing’s holding me back, and I can do whatever I want. You, however, will forever be this timid and pedantic. If you refuse to change your outdated mindset, we’ll only drift further apart over time. You’d better hand over the Archaic Body cultivation clan’s magical items and the clan leader position. If you do, I can take our family ties into account and spare your life,” the old demon spat.

“Family? Do you still have the right to talk about that? In any case, it looks like you’re unrepentant…” the elder blurted out, his heart utterly broken.

By then, the old demon had lost his patience and suddenly unleashed a palm strike, sending a black demonic aura barreling toward the elderly man.

“Snap out of it. Stop losing your grip on reality…” the latter advised as he leaped into the air. Alas, the old demon refused to say anything more and continued to rain attacks on his brother.

Eventually, the elder’s expression turned grim as if he had lost all hope. Knowing it was futile to persuade further, he began to engage the old demon in battle.

It was, without a doubt, an epic battle that left mountains shattered and grounds scorched. The elder gave his all and seemed ready to perish with his brother, leaving the latter worried and hesitant.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you honestly want to die with me?” the old demon exclaimed.

“That’s right!” the elderly man said resolutely. Following an earth-shattering explosion, everything returned to peace.


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