The Mans Decree Chapter 3017

Kai suddenly felt as though he was being pulled away by a mysterious force. Immediately afterward, the entire scene before him changed, and he found himself back in his own consciousness field.

Looking at his reflection, Kai saw he remained unchanged in appearance. The elder showed up in Kai’s consciousness field, his eyes filled with a hint of surprise.

“I never expected your life experiences would be so vast and varied. Seems like you’ve had quite a number of women in your life, too,” the elder remarked teasingly.

Kai instantly felt a little awkward. After all, since their memories had merged, everything from his past was laid bare for the elder to see.

The memories of the time he spent with Cecilia, Lizbeth, and Evangeline on a large bed together stirred excitement within him.

“Why are you daydreaming now?” The elder. was slightly taken aback.

“I’m sorry, sir.” Kai’s face flushed red from embarrassment. Observing Kai’s consciousness field, the elder commented, “You do possess quite a few treasures.” After saying that, he stared at the Golden Tome and fell silent for some time.

Just as Kai was about to ask the elder if he knew anything about the Golden Tome, the latter abruptly waved his hand and seized Faiyar’s soul remnant..

“Surprisingly, a demon’s soul remnant hides within your consciousness field. I’ll dispose of him for you,” he said, poised to end Faiyar’s existence.

“Save me, Mr. Chance!” Faiyar hastily cried out in terror. While the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators was also a soul remnant, it was crucial to note that not all soul remnants possessed equal power. With just a gentle motion, the elder had the capability to erase Faiyar from existence for eternity.

“Don’t do it, sir! He’s on my side.” Kai hurriedly intervened. It was only after hearing this that the elder released his grip. Subsequently, Faiyar, filled with fear, hastily retreated to a safer distance.

“You’ve not only harbored this soul remnant but also the primordial spirit of a celestial beast like the green dragon in your consciousness field. You’re quite something, brat!”

The elder then turned to examine Kai’s Storage Ring, discovering numerous rare and valuable items within, such as Dragon Bell, Dragonslayer Sword, and even Demon Flogger.

“That good-for-nothing even gave you Demon Flogger?” he cursed at once upon noticing Demon Flogger.

Recognizing Demon Flogger as the relic of the Archaic Body cultivator, the elder surmised that the current clan leader must have bestowed the whip upon Kai, now that it was in his possession.

“Sir, I’m only borrowing this Demon Flogger for the time being. I’ll return it once I acquire the Ice Soul Pill,” Kai swiftly explained.

“You needn’t worry about returning it, as it was a gift to you. Possessing this Demon Flogger will prove beneficial for me. Looks like that wayward grand-disciple of mine is also aware of its effectiveness against my demonic younger brother,” the elder stated without a trace of anger.

Kai was thrilled when the elder had essentially given him the whip.

“Don’t be too overjoyed. The true potential of this Demon Flogger is only unlocked when your strength equals that of your opponent. If you encounter a formidable demon, Demon Flogger alone won’t guarantee your survival,” the elder cautioned.

After that warning, Kai refrained from entertaining any more thoughts, as he was aware that the elder could perceive his every thought.

The elder examined Kai’s Dragon Bell and Dragonslayer Sword before taking hold of the sword and wielding it.

“It’s such an exquisite sword. Only that old guy from Divine Smithing Sect could have forged something like this,” he mused.

Upon hearing that, Kai immediately realized that the old guy mentioned by the elder was none other than Divine Smithing Sect’s Sworder.

“Regrettably, such a magnificent sword’s sword spirit is severely damaged. What a pity,” the elder continued.

“Sir, is there any way you can assist me in repairing the sword spirit of Dragonslayer Sword?” Kai asked eagerly.

Kai hadn’t seen the sword spirit, Zelda, for quite some time. Due to her injuries, Zelda could only reside within the Dragonslayer Sword and couldn’t leave her host at will.

“I am not a blacksmith, nor do I possess knowledge of forging techniques, so how could I possibly assist in restoring the sword spirit? However, I can sense a strong compatibility between you and this sword. I assume the sword spirit is female? Have you formed a deep connection with her? Such a high degree of compatibility is usually achieved through intimate interaction,” the elder said to Kai.


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