The Mans Decree Chapter 3018

“I’m sorry, sir, but I’m having trouble.

understanding what you mean,” Kai responded, feeling somewhat awkward. “Hahaha!” The elder guffawed and didn’t probe further.

Following that, he continued to explore Kai’s consciousness field and swiftly located the nascence space.

Surprised that a Body Fusion Realm cultivator like Kai possessed a nascence space, the elder couldn’t help but commend, “You’re quite young, and your cultivation level is still modest, yet you’ve already grasped nascence space. You can genuinely be deemed a genius. Allow me to gauge the extent of your nascence space.”

With that, he entered Kai’s nascence space. The moment he stepped inside, he was utterly astonished.

“Is this your nascence space? A cosmic galaxy? How astounding! It’s absolutely unimaginable!” He marveled in sheer amazement.

Upon witnessing the illusion nascence stars shining, the elder couldn’t contain his astonishment. “Illusion nascence? You’ve truly mastered illusion nascence?” he exclaimed. Kai briefly recounted the process of how he had come to understand illusion nascence.

“You’re a real prodigy! However, your illusion nascence isn’t perfect. I’ll help you perfect it when the time comes,” the elder uttered.

“Thank you, sir!” Gratitude swelled within Kai.

Soon, Kai’s body began to slip out of his control. The elder now had dominion over Kai’s body, leaving only a small fraction of Kai’s consciousness intact, allowing him to speak but rendering him unable to command his body any longer.

As they left the grand hall, the crowd saw Kai emerge but didn’t see the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators, causing everyone to panic.

“Mr. Chance, what’s going on? What happened inside? Where’s that old man?” Cloud asked Kai.

Sunny quickly approached to ask, “Why are you alone? Did the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators run away?”

Cameron, on the other hand, furrowed his brows as he sensed the changes in Kai’s aura. “Nonsense! How could I possibly run away?” Kai suddenly reprimanded Sunny.

Taken aback, Sunny hastily took a few steps back. “What’s going on?” he questioned in astonishment.

At that moment, Cameron piped up, “Kai merged with the soul remnant of the Archaic Body cultivator’s elder.”


Everyone stared at Kai in utter shock and disbelief. Normally, no one would dare to do something. like that. After all, if the elder decided to occupy Kai’s body by force, that would result in the permanent disappearance of Kai’s consciousness.

Kai turned to look at Cameron and complimented, “You have keen eyes, boy.”

An awkward expression spread across Cameron’s countenance after he heard that. Even though he was aware that Kai’s body was under the control of the elder from the Archaic Body cultivators, Cameron still found it. uncomfortable to be addressed as “boy.”

“I need each of you to present all the resources you currently possess, Kai addressed the assembled crowd. “I must replenish my strength. Otherwise, if a conflict arises, the remaining power in this body won’t be sufficient.”

Kai had already depleted a substantial amount of spiritual and other forms of energy. If he were to enter a battle at that moment. without the diverse sources of energy to support him, defeat was inevitable, no matter how resilient his physique might be..

However, everyone exchanged glances, none willing to hand over their resources.

As the saying went, people were willing to give up their lives for riches. The cultivators had taken great risks to accumulate those resources. Needless to say, they weren’t about to give them up just like that.

“Hmph! A bunch of greedy fools like you deserve to perish here! I don’t care anymore. You can all die alongside your resources!” The elder snorted.

At that moment, Kai quickly seized control of his body and said, “Everyone, our lives are at stake now. I’ve already offered my body, so can you spare some resources? If we can’t defeat that old demon, none of us will get out of here alive. In that case, all that awaits us is death.”

Kai was also a little infuriated. I’m trying to save these people, yet they aren’t willing to hand over their resources.


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