The Mans Decree Chapter 3020

Soon, five silhouettes showed up, hovering in midair and gazing at Kai and the group of pathetic cultivators. Typhon regarded them with sheer contempt..

To him, Kai and his group were nothing but prey, and the five of them were the hunters.

“Accept your fate and die! What are you waiting for? It might be a quicker and less painful death if you all end your own lives. Otherwise, the five of us will inflict great torment on you.” Typhon snorted while sweeping his gaze across the crowd.

“Cut the crap, and let’s get this over with!” Cameron instantly drew his longsword and leaped up to engage Typhon in combat.

Cloud, Sunny, and all the other cultivators also gave it their all, charging at the remaining members of Five Slayers. Everyone put forth their best effort, risking their lives to ensure nothing disturbed Kai. After all, he was their last hope of survival.

However, without Kai’s active assistance, the other cultivators were no match for the Five Slayers. Soon, injuries and fatalities began to mount among the cultivators.

Despite knowing they were outmatched, no one retreated. The only thing they could do at that moment was to buy time for Kai.

Death awaited them either way, and if they resisted with all their might, there could still be a sliver of hope to survive. The short-tempered Phaethon roared, “You trash are so persistent!”

Not expecting those cultivators to be so determined to put up a fight despite knowing they were clearly outmatched, Phaethon was incensed. The battle raged on, but Kai remained seated, unmoved. He didn’t even open his eyes to check out the fight around him.

After an indeterminate amount of time, several cultivators died a gruesome death while the rest were wounded.

Cameron fought to hold his ground against Typhon, barely holding on. Cloud, Sunny, and the others endured numerous injuries and were almost at their limits. The Tall family members led by Kaison were also dwindling in number.

“Mr. Chance, hurry up and wake up! Please wake up!” Cloud shouted. If he doesn’t regain consciousness soon, we’re all going to die!

Boom! Right after Cloud finished his sentence, a terrifying aura burst forth. The next instant, Kai opened his eyes, a cold glint flashing across his gaze.

A potent force surged from his body, radiating in all directions. Cloud and the others were overjoyed to see Kai had awakened.

On the other hand, the Five Slayers’ facial expressions changed drastically, and they were immediately repelled and thrown backward by that immense force.

Colors drained from the Five Slayers’ faces. A look of utter disbelief filled their eyes. Just the sheer force of Kai’s aura had sent the quintet flying. One could only imagine how strong he was.

“Such a tremendous power! What’s he up to?” Phaethon was shocked to his core. How could a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator exhibit such an intimidating aura?

Unbeknownst to them, Kai had merged with the Archaic Body cultivators’ elder.

Kai gradually got to his feet and levitated to midair, staring at Typhon and his companions. “You five ignorant fools. As cultivators, you’ve aided an evildoer and supported the demons. You truly deserve to die!”

The Five Slayers were nonplussed, taking in Kai’s demeanor and listening to his speech. Typhon bellowed at Kai in displeasure, “Brat, quit playing tricks! I-”

Clap! Before Typhon could finish his sentence, Kai swung his palm, sending Typhon crashing to the ground and coughing out mouthfuls of blood with a slap.

Witnessing that, the other members of the Five Slayers were dumbstruck. This is ridiculous! A Top Level Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator was sent flying after getting slapped by a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator in midair? How could this be?

“How dare you disrespect me. I shall do away with all of you before hunting down that b*stard.”

With that, Kai slowly raised his palms. The Five Slayers felt an overwhelming pressure, struggling to breathe as if a mountain was crushing their lungs.


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