The Mans Decree Chapter 3021

The Five Slayers were about to die under the immense pressure when a deep and piercing voice came through. “Brother, you still enjoy bullying the juniors, don’t you?”

As the void began to tremble, a pitch-black vortex formed. The old demon slowly emerged from that vortex!

As soon as the old demon appeared, the enormous pressure from before instantly disappeared! “Brother, it’s been a long time…”

The old demon smiled faintly at Kai. The Five Slayers stared at the old demon in shock. Why is this old demon calling Kai “brother”?

They were even more puzzled by how Kai’s strength had suddenly become so powerful! “It’s been over a thousand years, and you’re still stubbornly trying to restore your physical body and continue your evil deeds? As long as I’m here, you will never succeed…”

The voice of the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators came from Kai’s mouth! Upon hearing Kai’s voice, the Five Slayers instantly understood what was going on.

“Haha! I can’t believe you have the nerve to boast at this point. This kid may have allowed you to merge with his body, but his body is ultimately garbage. Even if you merge with him, you’re no match for me. Today, I shall make you vanish completely. The Archaic Body cultivators will ultimately bow to me!” The old demon laughed heartily.

Then, his entire body was swiftly shrouded in black mist, which instantly enveloped the entire hall in darkness!

Following that, the old demon leaped toward Kai. Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he soared into the sky. In an instant, the two of them clashed! For a moment, various techniques collided, and residual shockwaves raged in all directions!

Even though both of them were reduced to their soul remnants, the destruction caused by their battle was beyond what ordinary cultivators could do!

As the entire hall began to collapse, the incredibly fierce aura from the battle left everyone breathless!

Everyone hastily retreated when they saw that because the aftermath was something that they couldn’t deal with, given their current cultivation levels. Even the residual shockwaves would be able to kill them!

Everyone watched from afar as the two skilled cultivators engaged in battle, for most of them would never have the chance to witness such a battle like this in their lifetime again!

“Brother, you did choose a good body, but unfortunately, your strength is too weak… If this is all you’ve got, then don’t blame me for not entertaining you any longer…” The old demon smirked.

Kai furrowed his brows slightly. Over this extended period, the old demon had continually honed his skills. Coupled with his initial strength advantage, Kai was clearly at a disadvantage at this moment!

Since the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators had remained in this world undisturbed, he had never intended to restore his physical body. He had only been biding his time and waiting for his soul remnant to disappear along with this area!

As a result, he was weaker than his younger brother now that they were battling against each other.

Fortunately, Kai’s physical body was formidable enough. If the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators were still just a soul remnant, he would have been defeated long ago!

However, Kai still hadn’t used the Demon Flogger because he was saving his trump card for the end. Once the Demon Flogger was brought out, it could instantly suppress the old demon!

However, it wasn’t the right time to use the Demon Flogger just yet. After all, the old demon wasn’t foolish. He had been cautious all along.

Kai could only catch the old demon off guard with his Demon Flogger when the latter let his guard down, thinking he could easily win..

So, Kai was waiting for the right opportunity to strike. “Brother, this is getting boring. I won’t entertain you anymore…”

After the old demon spoke, the black mist around his body started to churn. Those waves of black mist instantly condensed into sharp, short blades. With a wave of his finger, thousands of these short blades flew toward Kai like raindrops!


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