The Mans Decree Chapter 3022

Seeing this, Kai immediately emitted beams of golden light and formed a shield with it, which successfully blocked all the short blades.

Instead of fuming in rage, the old demon merely smiled calmly. “Let’s see how much spiritual energy you have left…”

With that, the old demon waved his hand again. As the black mist surged once again, strangely shaped demon beasts emerged from within. Roaring, they charged directly at Kai!

When Kai saw this, his golden light instantly transformed into thousands of golden swords that stabbed toward the demon beasts. The golden swords pierced through the demon beasts, turning them back into masses of black mist!

However, a few of the demon beasts managed to break through the defenses of the thousand golden swords and charged toward Kai. When Kai opened his mouth abruptly, a ball of flames spewed forth!

The flames exploded instantly, forming a wall of fire that evaporated the approaching demon beasts. “What? Demonic fire?”

The old demon furrowed his brow slightly, his eyes filled with surprise. He had just sensed the aura of the demon spirit from Kai’s demonic fire. Even though he didn’t practice the demonic fire, he could still sense the demonic spirit aura from the flames!

“Hmph, you always act all high and mighty, but. in the end, you found yourself the body of at Demonic Cultivator. Aren’t you the one who hated demon cultivators the most? Why did you merge with this Demonic Cultivator’s body?” The old demon scoffed coldly.

“You understand nothing. My body contains the auras of humans, demons, and beasts. You are so clueless…”

Kai laughed coldly. Clearly, he was controlling the words that came out! Although Kai couldn’t control his body with his spiritual sense, he could still control his speech.

“You little brat, I see you’ve managed to retain some part of your spiritual sense. Since that’s the case, your deaths will come even sooner…”

With that, the old demon quickly formed seals with his hands. Soon, the surrounding black mist condensed together.

In just a few seconds, an enormous and extremely ferocious beast appeared! The old demon stood atop the head of this gigantic beast, looking coldly at Kai.

Then, the beast opened its massive,. bloodthirsty maw and suddenly sucked with tremendous force. A tremendous suction force headed straight for Kai!

Narrowing his eyes, Kai rapidly retreated. backward! The immense suction force even made numerous cultivators in the distance activate their techniques to resist it.

“Trying to escape?” the old demon sneered. Then, countless black mists flew out from the old demon’s palm. After the mists transformed. into a giant net, it descended from above and enveloped Kai!

Facing the giant net, Kai was momentarily. stunned and unsure of what to do.

“Sir, charge toward that gigantic beast…” Kai reminded the elder of the Archaic Body Cultivators as loud as he could.

Perhaps because the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators had been suppressed and bullied for a long time, he lacked self-confidence. That explained why he was momentarily unsure when faced with this situation.

Since Kai couldn’t control his own body at the moment, he could only rely on a part of his spiritual sense to prompt the elder. The elder quickly reacted and rushed toward the ferocious beast.

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to charge over so daringly. Are you that confident?” The old demon clicked his tongue a few times before continuing, “Do you have no fear because you think this giant beast is a mere illusion? Too bad you’re wrong. This giant beast is going to devour you.”

Swish! At that very moment, a tongue suddenly shot out from the mouth of the gigantic beast. It moved as fast as lightning, wrapping around Kai and then pulling him into its mouth.

When Kai landed inside the beast’s mouth, it started chewing on him vigorously. It looked like it was going to tear him to shreds completely.

“Mr. Chance!”


Standing from afar, Cloud and Sunny wore the same worried expressions on their faces.


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