The Mans Decree Chapter 3023

Typhon let out a slight smile, his eyes glistening. mischievously.

Chomp! Chomp! As the beast continued to chew, the sounds that rang out in the air were extremely gruesome.

“Kid, I’ll give you control of the body, and my cultivation will be at your disposal. I’m really old now. The past thousand years have snuffed out any fighting spirit I have,” the elder said.

Now that the two of them had combined together, the elder could give Kai full control with just a single thought.

The elder had insisted on maintaining control earlier because he felt that he was more battle- hardened and experienced than Kai.

However, if not for Kai’s reminder, he would have lost the opportunity in his hesitation. The elder now understood that only Kai was capable of wielding the full potential of Golden Dragon’s True Form.

“Sir, I…”

It never crossed Kai’s mind that the elder would hand him the reins of control. Before Kai could respond, he realized that he was able to move his own body.

Right then, the beast, despite its repeated attempts at chewing, just couldn’t tear Kai apart. Kai’s robust body was his biggest pride after all.

After going through countless trials and tribulations, it became so tough that few could land a scratch on it, even if he didn’t enhance it with Golem Body.

It was due to this confidence that Kai allowed the elder to charge at the beast. In contrast to Kai, the elder didn’t have such faith despite combining with the former.

Right then, rays of golden light filtered through the beast’s mouth. As Kai had activated Golem Body, golden scales began to cover him piece by piece.

Creak! All of a sudden, a loud crack rang out as the beast’s teeth were shattered into pieces one by one. The beast’s teeth were no match for the hardiness of Golem Body.

“Sacred Light Fist…” Kai roared as he punched a hole through the beast’s upper jaw. and flew right through it. At that moment, the sight of Kai floating in mid-air, covered by golden armor, made him look like a mythical deity.

“You actually have a Divine Safeguard, kid?”

The old demon cocked his brow when he saw Kai’s Golem Body. “I still have plenty of tricks up my sleeve. You’ll see them for yourself one by one!”

With that, Kai charged at the old demon, who sniggered in response. The moment he raised his hand, the beast transformed back into a black mist while he, too, charged forward to meet Kai’s attack.

“My brother, has age clouded your judgment to dare fight me in close-range combat? You might be able to defeat me in a contest of illusion spells, but hoping to do so in a head-on clash is just delusion on your part,” the old demon sneered.

“Sacred Light Fist,” Kai roared. His fist released a blistering golden light that heralded the launch of countless fist shadows.

With the elder’s support, Kai’s attack split into tens of thousands of fist shadows, blocking off the sky. As the fists glistened like a galaxy of stars, they illuminated the entire surroundings and caused. the black mist to dissipate.

However, the old demon manipulated the black mist, turning it into countless shadow clones, where every single one of them would smash Kai’s fists into pieces.

Amidst the disappearing fist shadows of Sacred Light Fist, the sky was again encapsulated by the black mist.


Kai’s shadow clones also disappeared in that moment. As for the old demon, his eyes narrowed as he turned around abruptly upon sensing something behind him.

He then unleashed a palm strike that carried with it an overwhelming black mist. “My brother, are you trying to cast an illusion spell? I’ll be honest with you. It’s useless against me.”

The old demon’s eyes were filled with contempt.

“You old fogey, stop calling me your brother. It disgusts me…”

Kai’s voice reverberated in the surroundings. Slightly shaken by it, the old demon replied, “Kid, you had better watch that tongue of yours. I might have fallen into your illusion array once, but it’s not going to happen a second time.”

Up in the air, Kai’s body suddenly appeared, but just as his fist made contact with the old demon’s body, he was struck on the chest by the latter’s palm.


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